A simple question: Alessandro Cattelan arrives on Netflix

Alessandro Cattelan lands on Netflix with the new project A Simple Question, the new docu-show produced by Fremantle expected by the end of 2021. Eight bizarre episodes, with an atypical and original structure

After the success obtained with the previous editions of X Factor, the well-known TV presenter has decided to invest all his potential in the project A simple question. To announce it anyway Alessandro Cattelan through a video full of irony ready to play on the future Netflix docu-show.

The format produced by Fremantle it will consist of 8 total episodes. Filming is currently underway, while the debut is currently scheduled by the end of 2021 in all countries where the service is active.

The news on the unmissable Cattelan show | A simple question: Alessandro Cattelan arrives on Netflix

An atypical and original ad. Just as the future show promises to land on the well-known Netflix platform. An idea born from a simple question during a clear summer evening, in the company of sweet Nina (his daughter):

Dad, how can you be happy?

You know, being happy … I was convinced I knew something about happiness. I have a beautiful family, I am healthy, I have a good job, I should know what happiness is. So why did what ultimately just a simple question put me in crisis?

The search for happiness will be the backbone of this whole journey, ranging from Italy to abroad, towards all the elements required to obtain the formula. A different theme for each episode, followed by interviews, experiences and reflections held together by a visual language that ranges across genres; from the docu to the filmic passing through the real, giving an identifying character to the different narrative approaches; characterized by a homogeneous and unique style.

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