A smarter home and a happier family with the right Christmas gifts

Una casa più smart e una famiglia più contenta con i giusti regali di Natale thumbnail

I Christmas gifts for the home they are among the most difficult to choose. Every decision also falls on the other family members, so it’s good to make thoughtful purchases. Don’t worry, it’s not as impossible as it sounds. This year we will help you, with a very varied list of gift ideas: from tech to fun, to spend the best holidays ever.

Our tips for Christmas gifts

Christmas is also an opportunity to buy that thing that has been so desired during the year. Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday were born precisely for this. Getting a car gift, or buying that appliance that everyone at home wants is cheaper and will make the whole family happy.

Useful Christmas gifts: the cleaning robot

A nice gift for yourself and the family is the robot per Cleaning. A tactical purchase that will save you now from broom and vacuum cleaner. Silent, autonomous and easy to control with a smartphone even from a distance. What has been an obstacle to the spread of these devices so far is the price. The good news is that they don’t cost that much anymore, their price is close to that of a normal vacuum cleaner but frees you from the slavery of dust on the floor.

Instead, for the more traditionalists looking for a new vacuum cleaner, we recommend LG CordZero A9, wireless, powerful, with brushes and accessories, discounted on Amazon.

For the home with a “vintage” flavor

If you have friends or relatives who are passionate about vintage or retro accessories, our advice is to give them a Bluetooth gramophone. This is a portable mini retro music player, with lithium battery. It looks like an old gramophone but plays the music you choose from your smartphone. New and old at the same time.

Christmas gifts for the home: the aroma diffuser

I aroma diffusers they fill the house with delicious fragrances, in a delicate way. Our favorite is that of Maxcio, which is controlled with your smartphone using the “Maxcio” or “Smarlife” app. Of course, the aroma diffuser can also be automatically detected via the phone’s Bluetooth. The design is truly captivating and creates a unique atmosphere.

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Christmas presents: the fork steals food

One of our favorite Christmas gifts: the extendable fork to steal food during family lunches. A fun and ironic gift idea, which to make the holidays more cheerful. But it is also a useful gift, it allows you to check the food on the grill without having to approach and steal from the plate of others without bothering too much.

Christmas gift for the book lover

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We all know a book lover who has a house full of volumes scattered all over the place. This year you could give him one desk lamp book holder. We found one that can be customized, in any shape. Composed of high quality solid wood structures in Nordic style, it is beautiful and very useful for storing books.

Gift ideas for a greener Christmas

Who doesn’t know someone who has so little green thumb that even fake plants die? The gift for the flower killer friend is the Véritable garden, which takes care of everything independently. Oh yes, with his horticultural LED lighting, the system of automatic irrigation and ready-to-use refills (Lingots), offers generous, healthy and tasty harvests. The Véritable indoor vegetable garden comes with all the accessories for an immediate start, plus 4 ingots essential for everyday cooking: curly parsley, large green basil, thyme and chives. Beautiful isn’t it?

Christmas gifts for the home of the future: Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy

The first coffee machine with integrated Alexa for even smarter use: you can ask the coffee machine Lavazza Voicy to prepare something for you. It is possible to personalize the coffee experience and create the perfect coffee with Voicy, by programming length and temperature using the Lavazza Piacere App. If you are curious to find out how it works, Fjona explains it to you.

Among the most desired of the year: the air fryer

The air fryer has become the small appliance that everyone wants. Lets eat food fried in a healthier way, without the use of oils. This is the right time to buy it, so you will be guaranteed a lot of good fried food during your Christmas lunches. On Amazon you can also find discounted ones at affordable prices.

The gift for the nerdy home

To give a nerdy touch of personality to your home you have to take custody for Echo Dot shaped Baby Yoda. This is the gift of choice for all passionate friends and family Star Wars. I recommend, make sure we already have the 4th generation Amazon Echo Dot device.

Christmas gifts for cooking lovers

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The perfect gift does not exist, the secret formula does not exist. We need to guess the taste of the person to whom we want to give the gift. We must admit, however, that with someone it is easier than with others, for example cooking enthusiasts are easier to please. On Amazon there are many accessories and small appliances that, in addition to being very useful, represent real design pieces. Among our favorites are the articles of the Ariete party line, to cook snacks and snacks with style.

Amazon Echo Show, un regalo smart

Amazon Echo Show 8 it’s the perfect gift for anyone who still doesn’t have the convenience of having Alexa at home. More advanced than the Echo Dot, this model is equipped with 8 “HD screen and bring you powerful stereo sound. Follow the lyrics of a song on screen with Amazon Music, set timers and alarms, show your favorite photos, check the weather and traffic situation before you leave the house, and stay up to date on the latest news.

A classic of Christmas gifts: a board game

A board game is always a great way to get the family involved and get together. Among our favorites there is MicroMacro, a cooperative investigation game. You will have to solve crimes discovering the motive, finding the evidence and arresting the perpetrators. A keen eye for detail and lucid deductive reasoning will be the keys to success.

The smart lock

Christmas lunches, dinners, trips … how many times do you use the house keys? Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 is the worry-free lock, which allows you to control the door of your house using your smartphone or authorizing someone else, all in total safety and tranquility.

Have you already decided which Christmas gifts to exchange with your family? Let us know in the comments.