A study reveals which tires last the longest

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The OCU, a Spanish non-profit body that is part of the national consumer organizations headed by Euroconsumer (for Italy there is Other Consumption) conducted a study on tire life. The study is based on 52,000 responses from as many drivers from five different countries. They were interviewed about the brands of tires they bought last time, about the kilometers traveled and their degree of satisfaction.

Furthermore, the investigation conducted by the OCU it also looked at issues such as decision criteria and how often motorists change their car’s wheels. It stands out as only 18% of respondents change tires as a preventative measure, even if they are not worn. The rest of the study participants replied that the last tire change occurred when “he was forced to do it”, due to an accident or a puncture.

Here are the tires that offer better durability (according to the OCU)

It is worth remembering that most of the drivers interviewed either trust their own garage or choose new tires themselves. Another surprising finding is that the 96% of respondents said they use summer tires throughout the year.

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Based on the answers of the 52,000 motorists interviewed, the OCU has compiled a list of the best tires in terms of strength and durability based on the average number of kilometers traveled. Below is the list of brands whose tires (on average) last longer.

BRAND Km traveled before wear
Yokohama 44.634
Michelin 44.187
Vredestein 42.973
Toyo 42.406
Continental 41.943
Uniroyal 41.902
Dunlop 41.139
Bridgestone 40.693
Goodyear 40.271
Hankook 39.649
Pirelli 39.312
Glue 37.737
Fulda 37.650
BFGoodrich 37.568
Nankang 37.050
Firestone 36.599
Nokia 35.141
Kumho 34.701
Barum 30.149
Mabor 29.408

It can be seen that only 8 brands of the 21 in the standings have tires on the list that reach over 40,000 km of mileage, while the remaining 13 are below. Lagging behind is Mabor who does not even reach 30,000 kilometers.

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