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A Suzuki customized by the Van Ortons

Remember the project ARThletes? This is an initiative launched by Suzuki this summer to celebrate its iconic Burgman 400 on the occasion of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Now, a few weeks later, we are ready to enter a new phase, in which the scooter is once again the protagonist, even more so. This is thanks to the birth of a unique piece, destined to make fans fall in love with art and engines.

The Burgman 400 customized by the Van Ortons

Let’s start again from the beginning. It all starts with a challenge launched by Suzuki to four Italian illustrators: Gianluca Foli, Riccardo Guasco, Francesco Poroli and the twins Van Orton. These artists, supported by Lorenza Salamon and Ale Giorgini, had the task of illustrating some of the main qualities of the Burgman 400, associating them with specific Olympic sports. The four illustrations were then called to confront the public on social networks.

Hundreds of thousands of people went through the works, voting for their favorite. The Van Orton twins triumphed, with their fencer with a colorful and pop design. Now their work has passed from the canvas to the two wheels, becoming one new splendid livery for a unique model of Burgman 400. The graphics have adapted to the design of the bike, making it an absolutely unique piece.

This model has been up for auction a few hours ago, together with the first print of the illustration. You can win it too, by running up Charity Stars and making an offer. At the time of writing this piece, it has already reached the value of € 7190.00. But be careful: you only have time until November 17, then the auction will close and the highest bidder can take the bike home.

Or rather, the actual delivery of the model will take place a few days later. There will be a special ceremony during EICMA, the great Milanese fair dedicated to two wheels, where the model will also be exhibited to the public. Before then it will be possible to observe it at the Matalon Foundation in Foro Buonaparte, 67 in Milan, from 3 to 17 November.

A charitable initiative

burgman 400 suzuki from orton

The Foundation itself will be the beneficiary of all the proceeds from the charity auction on Charity Stars. Nello Taietti, President of the Matalon Foundation commented:

“We have promoted several exhibitions by Luciana Matalon, artist and founder of the Foundation, in Tokyo, Yokohama and Hong Kong. Since 2000, the Matalon Foundation has been a space designed specifically for the promotion and enhancement of contemporary art. Welcoming and sharing the ARThletes art project means exploring new artistic dimensions once again, this time on two wheels “.

He was joined by the Van Orton, who issued the following statement:

“We are really happy that our work can come to life and turn into a beneficial gesture in support of art and artists. Suzuki has entrusted us with the task of representing ‘safety’, a fundamental aspect on two wheels, we have visualized a fencer with an elegant and safe pose wrapped in a mix of lines and shapes that intertwine give life to different scenarios and environments that recall Japan , for us a source of great inspiration “.

Enrico Bessolo, Sales Director of Suzuki Italy, commented on the initiative as follows:

“It was a beautiful and articulated project in progress that now culminates with a concrete gesture and solidarity towards art. In the world of art, and in particular of illustration, we have found an incredible variety of affinities between our brand, the intrinsic values ​​of Burgman and the expressive modes of the artists involved. The charity turning point of this project is the perfect conclusion to seal this new dimension “.

We remind you that if you are interested in this very special Burgman 400 you can try bidding on CharityStars. You will be the envy of the city with these truly unique two wheels!

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