A team of researchers has discovered the Holy Grail of quantum mechanics

Un team di ricercatori ha scoperto il Santo Graal della meccanica quantistica thumbnail

The world of science is constantly evolving with the aim of offering new technologies that can revolutionize our daily life. A Northeastern University research team, led by physicist Arun Bansil, revealed that he had made a discovery that can be termed the “Holy Grail” of quantum mechanics. Land novelties that emerged from the research could give life to a new generation of sensors and computers of various types.

This is what the Holy Grail of quantum mechanics is

The Holy Grail identified by the Northeastern Univeristy team is based on a topological insulator of axions, a unique state of matter that had only previously been theorized. This particular state of matter was achieved by creating a two-dimensional crystalline structure, atom by atom, using tellurium, manganese and bismuth.

The material behind the discovery of the “Holy Grail” of quantum mechanics is capable of conducting electricity while its structure isolates it. It is therefore a system capable of act as both conductor and insulator. According to the team of researchers, therefore, the storage, transport and manipulation of magnetic data can take place more quickly. The whole process will also be more energy efficient.

A new generation of electronic devices?

According to Arun Bansil: “It’s like discovering a new element and we know there will be all kinds of interesting applications for it.” This discovery could lead, in the future, to the birth of a new type of electronic device, called spintronics and based on the manipulation of quantum structures.

In the future, electronic devices may use magnetic energy thanks to these new materials, without the need to use batteries based on chemical reactions. It will take years of study but the future of electronics may have been anticipated by this particular Holy Grail.

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