A technological Christmas among virtual pages: hi-tech gifts for passionate readers

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Ahead of Christmas, PocketBook offers a wide selection of e-readers, each designed to suit different reader preferences

There is the option dedicated to the passionate cartoonist who also appreciates audio books, the model designed for the avid reader, always immersed in the pages wherever she is, and the device designed for those who never go out without their e-book reader, which fits comfortably in your bag or backpack.

A technological Christmas among virtual pages: hi-tech gifts for passionate readers

A gift for every type of reader at Christmas

All these devices share key characteristics such as lightness, speed and screens that guarantee comfortable reading in all lighting conditions. Furthermore, thanks to PocketBook Cloud and the PocketBook Reader app, you can upload books in any format and synchronize your entire library, offering a personalized and flexible reading experience for every type of reader.

  • InkPad Color 3: for a colorful read

Il new InkPad Color 3 device offers a advanced 7.8-inch E Ink Kaleido 3 anti-glare color screengiving a gift higher resolution to books, comics and magazines. Thanks to vibrant colors and defined details, this innovative proposal allows for high-quality visual enjoyment. For those who want to alternate between reading and listening, the device features several audio options, including built-in speakers and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, allowing connection to wireless headphones and speakers. Furthermore, the funzione Text-to-Speech Transforms any text into naturally pitched audio, available in 26 languages.

  • InkPad 4: versatile and water resistant

L’InkPad 4 it’s a lightweight device (weighs only 265 grams) with one 7.8 inch screen and latest generation Ink Carta 1200. Shock and water resistant with IPX8 protection rating, it is also ideal for use in environments such as SPA. The function SMARTlight allows you to adjust the screen brightness and grayscale temperature, providing a comfortable reading experience in different viewing conditions.

  • PocketBook Era: the perfect travel companion

Il PocketBook Era it is a travel companion compact to slip into your bag or backpack, characterized by one 7-inch scratch-resistant screen e IPX8 waterproof certification. Suitable for reading ebooks and listening to music via the integrated speaker, it features a thin frame and side buttons to facilitate scrolling through pages and one-handed management. L’Accelerometer changes automatically screen orientation for a comfortable reading experience in any position.

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