The Hangover 4: Bradley Cooper would do it

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The Hangover 4 is not in the works, but Bradley Cooper would more than willingly do it and has given his full availability to his return in a possible fourth chapter of the franchise

The film trilogy of The Hangover (The Hangover in the original) directed by Todd Philips achieved great success, becoming one of the cult trilogies of American comedy. Many appreciated the trio of Phil, Stu and Alan in the three films with the three protagonists. During a guest appearance on The New Yorker Radio Hour, Bradley Cooper said he would make a Hangover 4 more than willingly.

The Hangover 4: Bradley Cooper would do it

Bradley Cooper would do The Hangover 4 on one condition

As we said, Bradley Cooper has given his willingness to return to the film saga, answering the radio host’s question:

I probably would, yes. Just because I love Todd, I love Zach and I love Ed. I would probably go back, yeah.

The actor, however, wanted to clarify that even if he is willing to return to play Phil in the saga, this does not mean that the entire crew and director would do so too. This actually depends on the plans of Todd Philipsdirector of the trilogy, who is currently dedicated to finishing the latest works of Joker: Folie à Deuxsequel to the first film of the same title Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix, recently seen in the historical film Napoleon, by Ridley Scott.

The Hangover 4: Bradley Cooper would do it

The comedy of Todd Philips

The Hangover saga begins in 2009 with the first film. The three protagonists, Phil, Stu and Alan, must find their groupmate after spending a drunken night, combining all the colors. The director’s genius is evident in the film’s comic scenes which work great, including very famous characters, such as Mike Tyson, and extravagant and very nice characters, like the smoking monkey in the second chapter. Philips’ ingenious ideas have made the world fall in love with these films, which is why many would like a fourth chapter by popular demand, which probably, at least according to Cooper, will never happen.

We don’t lose hope, who knows if they might really surprise us by announcing another sequel. Continue to follow us on to stay up to date on news from the world of cinema and TV series.

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