Abandoned: Fans are still looking for clues on Silent Hill

There’s no way to convince fans: clues about Silent Hill and Hideo Kojima’s involvement with Abandoned seem to be hiding everywhere

We share your dismay at seeing you again Abandoned making headlines based on simple guesswork, but others seem to have sprung up clues on the links with the series of Silent Hill. For better or worse, everyone is hoping for a revival of Silent Hills, the project of the legendary game designer Hideo Kojima and the visionary director Guillermo Del Toro that never saw the light. From the game and its playable teaser, or P.T. as we usually call the demo, only the collaboration with actor Norman Reedus remains for Death Stranding, of which a Director’s Cut version will be released this year.

When the hills are silent: the clues to Silent Hill in Abandoned

We would also like the fans to abandon, if you allow us the pun, the ties between Abandoned and Silent Hill, but apparently one of the clues that emerged online seems to suggest a link with the Konami saga. We allude to the official app of the game, which has just released a new screen. It is, or should we say that it would be, the faded and nuanced version of a shot taken with both hands by Silent Hill 4. The ostentatious confidence in comparing the two images on Twitter is tangible, as the “Yep, here we go!” that we have chosen as an example.

It takes commitment and even a hint of suspension of disbelief, but some of the “details” that fans of the Konami series are struggling to see actually fit together. We have a table, walls with the same proportions and even a door (more padlocks, less padlocks). Making two and two is easy, but it is true that BlueBox Game Studios he is striving to deviate from Kojima as much as possible. Hasan Kahraman, in particular, had to prove himself that he was not a figurehead, proving that his studio was not a facade. Whether the next Silent Hill is developed by Bloober Team or not we will know in due course: now there is very little August 10.

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