Abandoned: Hideo Kojima is not involved

Abandoned: Hideo Kojima is not involved

“It’s not a Hideo Kojima game”: despite the rumors concerning the game designer and Microsoft, Abandoned remains an unrelated project

Over the last few hours, a myriad of rumor about the negotiations between Hideo Kojima e Microsoft has put both the web and our keyboards on fire to try to keep up with it, but at least now we can cross out Abandoned from the list of suspects. The survival horror coming to PS5, in fact, remains exclusively a creature of Blue Box Game Studios: the denial comes from two different sources, the first of which – as well as the most authoritative – is the mouth of the developers themselves. If in doubt, we will list both statements that have taken place today.

Hideo Kojima has nothing to do with Abandoned

Blue Box Game Studios, on its own site, denied any possible link between Hideo Kojima and his next project, Abandoned. In the statement, or rather in the denial, the developers admit that they have been targeted by “different” e-mails regarding the rumors, but at the same time they distance themselves from the assumptions of the sector press. There is therefore no correlation, whether declared or not, between the two parties that until recently we assumed were involvednor the intention to advertise in this way. There is only the desire to give life to a project that has been in progress for a long time.

Abandoned: Hideo Kojima is not involved

The other source is the industry insider, Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat, which we know best for his tweets in which he invited Nintendo to “hurry up” with the announcement of Super Mario 3D All-Stars. According to him, Kojima is in contact with Microsoft about something completely unrelated. As for the confidence with which he talks about it, his source is simply someone “who knows”. Grubb further asserts that the statue on the shelf of Phil Spencer (above) during the recent stream was “a reference to the potential agreement”, aimed “to leverage Japanese talents”. To know if this will work, we can only twist our thumbs up to E3, we suppose.

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