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iPad Pro, revolution coming in 2024

Apple would be preparing a major renovation for iPad Pros in 2024the biggest since the 2018 design change. Next spring, we should see a new look and a new OLED display on Cupertino’s most powerful tablet.

A major revamp for iPad Pro in 2024

In the latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman explains that this year will be a “light year” for the iPad range. Gurman says we shouldn’t expect “anything noteworthy for the iPad Pro. Nor will there be “major updates” coming to the entry-level iPad, iPad mini, or iPad Air.

2024, on the other hand, should bring more news. Gurmano explains: “I don’t see any major updates coming in 2023 for the entry-level models, the iPad mini or the Air. The iPad Pro sure won’t get anything of note this year. Instead, expect a major revamp to the iPad Pro next spring, complete with an updated design and, for the first time, OLED screens“.

Apple iPad Pro connectors new min

At the moment, it is not clear what new design this revamped product should have. Rumors suggest that Apple may update the design of the iPad Pro using a glass back, instead of the current aluminum unibody design. Apple is also weighing the idea of ​​bringing the MagSafe charging in the iPad Pro range, similar to what is seen on the iPhone.

This new confirmation of an OLED display appears to cement the technology’s arrival on the iPad, after several pundits and market analysts reported it. In the coming months, we expect more details to arrive as well: a release next spring means that Cupertino should finalize the details of the new iPad Pro by the end of this year.

We will keep you posted.

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