Acer debuts the first e-bike: eBii

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Acer dai Pc enters the market withe-bike eBii. The company displaces everyone with its debut on two wheels. The Taiwanese manufacturer, typically known for its PCs, laptops and accessories. Advertise eBii as a bicycle designed for cities. This has the AI functionality to learn cyclists’ personal preferences and shift gears according to road conditions. As for weight, it’s around 35 pounds, making it lighter than most e-bikes. Acer claims to have a maximum assist speed of 20 MPH and can travel just under 70 miles con one charge.

ebii e bike AcerAcer’s first e-bike: eBii

Acer presents the first eBii e-bike, a concentrate of technology

The bike takes approx two and a half hours to reach the milk autonomy of drums. In this area, Acer reconnects with its roots. Because the power brick it can also be used as a portable charger for your laptop or phone. THE cyclists have to download the app twoGO for information on battery life, recommended routes, speed checks and to lock and unlock the bike. However, eBii will automatically lock whenever the connected phone leaves the surrounding area. Also, it has a burglar alarm.

acer ebii 1Acer’s first e-bike: eBii

Other features ofeBii include collision detection sensors. Lights in every direction and airless tires to avoid a puncture. Acer didn’t specify how much eBii costs or when it will be released.