Nebula 928, la mitica Porsche ritorna grazie all'estro di Daniel Arsham thumbnail

Nebula 928, the legendary Porsche returns thanks to the inspiration of Daniel Arsham

Nebula 928, the legendary Porsche returns thanks to the inspiration of Daniel Arsham thumbnail

Nebula 928

An explosive collab brings back to revive the mythical 928. Porsche entrusts to the American artist Daniel Arsham the task of reworking the car and voilà: at the world premiere of the Sxsw, in Austin it is possible to admire Nebula 928. The 1978 model is proposed inspired by the now popular aesthetic Y2K with a purple touch. At the Porsche X space, the front and rear bumpers designed by stand out Khyzyl Saleem. The designer chooses rounded lines that blend well with the metallic shades of the purple paint.

After collaborating on Singapore Art Week in early 2023, Porsche e Daniel Arsham join forces again, this time to create this new futuristic concept design: a playful and funky take on the iconic Porsche 928 from 1978.

Nebula 928 rearNebula 928 Porsche

The legendary Porsche with a purple livery

Every last detail of the interior of Nebula 928 Porsche it is taken care of. The aluminum steering wheel and gear knob have been reinterpreted by the artist and combined with a custom fabric by Byborethe whole is complemented by shades of Ultrasuede e purple skin. While the rear wing has a more harmonious and rounded shape than its predecessor. Another detail is the rear bumper, where the word Nebula lights up. There are also triple air intakes at the front with the very large central one surrounded by two smaller ones that offer a sense of depth to the design.

Nebula 928 interiorNebula 928 Porsche, the interior

In various exterior details such as the position lights and in the interior you can see the logo of the studio Arsham. No doubt Nebula 928 winks at the journeys of the past and those of the future.

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