Activision Blizzard, new investigation for “intimidating acts” towards workers

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After a summer of accusations of “constant sexual harassment” and protests by workers, Activision Blizzard still ends up under investigation. The Campaign to Organize Digital Employees (CODECWA) reported the company for “coercive and intimidating behaviors”Towards the workers who protested.

Activision Blizzard again under investigation for the way it treats workers

The lawsuit filed with the National Labor Relations Board accuses Activision Blizzard of intimidating workers who have openly discussed issues such as salary differences between men and women in the company. The complaint comes at the request of A Better ABK, the group made up of company employees who want to change the status quo.

This complaint comes after a very agitated summer for the development and distribution study of many video games. In July lo State of California had sued Activision Blizzard after employee reports. Who complained a culture of “constant sexual harassment”. To which were added lower wages for women and one fierce denial that there was a problem within the company. Shortly after, the employees organized a protest to point out that the problem is there and must be addressed.

Activision Blizzard employees during a protest

Among the demands of A Better ABK is the need for terminare le “forced arbitration”. A clause in the contract that requires all legal or labor issues to be first discussed in an arbitration with the company. A rule that often prevents us from discussing even serious problems such as sexual harassment in a legal context.

If the investigation opened on September 10 by CODE-CWA were to be successful for the union, it would set a precedent for all of the United States. This would prevent employers from forcing employees to discuss employment issues in force arbitration.

Activion Blizzard is handling a flurry of complaints right now, with theformer president J. Allen Brack and human resources chief Jesse Meschuk who have resigned. Brack had received several complaints for protecting harassers in the company. Which today have been replaced by Julie Hodges for HR and Sandeep Dube come COO.

The situation is evolving, we will keep you informed.

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