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Swappie: news and changes of the month of September

Swappie, the Finnish e-commerce of refurbished smartphones, offers a month of circular economy and good habits.

September has arrived and like every year it brings with it changes and news, often including the need to buy a new smartphone. After returning from holidays, it is customary to take up good intentions again: join the gym, start reading again before going to sleep, but above all, dedicate more time to us.
we were doing something that we have longed for. Whether it’s the beginning of school or the return to the office, rewarding yourself with a self-gift to give yourself a boost is a great starting point, especially when everything around the world is in turmoil.

Swappie: the environmental mission

But it doesn’t stop there. Because the ninth month of the year is also the period in which the new models are presented by the main smartphone manufacturers, models that become very attractive for those who have to change their device. All technological devices have a considerable environmental impact, especially when it comes to the creation of new devices.

Smartphones in particular represent a greater problem especially due to the frequency with which we are led to change them: in absolute values, the emissions caused by smartphones have recently jumped to 125 megatons of CO2 equivalent per year (Mt-CO2e / yr), growing to a speed of 730% during the
last ten years.

To make the concept simpler, 125 megatons equals:
● 505.574 million km traveled by a car
● Electricity used by 22.7 million homes in 1 year
● Use of 289 million barrels of oil

Swappie, Finnish e-commerce of refurbished smartphones, which has always had the protection of our planet at heart and which is committed to change things, offers a valid alternative to the purchase of a new device in order to provide a more informed choice, that has a positive response to the environment.

Thanks to Swappie, in fact, every consumer has the power to make a difference by adopting a positive behavior for environmental protection through the purchase of a refurbished device.

Refurbished phones work exactly like new ones, if repaired by experienced professionals as in the case of Swappie and are an excellent choice for those who need to change their smartphone without forgetting the importance of the circular economy.

Back to School

On the occasion of the “Back to School” then, Swappie has thought of some incredible offers for
allow users to save even more, for more info: https://swappie.com/it/saldi/

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