AdenSpy to control children’s smartphones: a necessity today more than ever

AdenSpy to control children's smartphones: a necessity today more than ever

The online activity of their children is a major concern of many parents. Controlling your children’s smartphone is a necessity today more than ever

With the constant increase in the presence of smartphones at home in recent years, the average age at which the little ones access the devices furnishings has been further reduced. These days it is not uncommon for kids to start asking parents to have their smartphone as early as the age of 12, which can be a comfort to parents (who can contact their children at any time), but also a source of danger given the large amount of information and resources that the web makes available to them and that can expose them to dangers of which they are not aware.

It is precisely for this reason that it is very important make sure that kids are protected from certain content or applications not recommended for their age, or in any case being able to supervise at any time what type of use they are making of the smartphone, so as to be sure that everything is under control.

This need of parents, of course, collides with the reluctance on the part of children to be controlled and to allow adults to “access” that world that they have created at will within that device . It is a world of games, applications, chats and social networks that can become a double-edged sword without them realizing it, if used improperly.

The need to supervise children when they use smartphones

The online activity of their children is a major concern of many parents, because in most cases it is difficult to control what the children do and the people or resources they come into contact with. Clearly, it is the responsibility of parents to manage the safety of children and the time of use of mobile phones, and for this reason it is important

know those solutions that the market makes available and that allow parents to know exactly what their children are using of the smartphone and therefore be able to monitor children regarding the activities they carry out with the mobile phone, at any time of the day.

It is therefore essential to monitor what children are doing but without being obsessed with it, without having to continually take their cell phones out of their hands to know every step they take on the internet, also because this would end up producing the opposite effect. On the contrary, the most effective solution for their safety (and for the peace of mind of every parent) is that of to be able to check at any time what the child is doing with the mobile phone without him knowing he is being controlled: it is not science fiction but the result of the most modern technology in the sector, which sees resources such as AdenSpy a valuable contribution to the cause.

AdenSpy is a software to control mobile phones compatible with Android, which automatically records everything that happens on the device in which it is installed and sends the recordings to your account, so that you can know everything without physically having the device in hand.

Easy to install and manage, AdenSpy will show you, in an absolutely discreet way, everything your children do with their mobile phones, allowing you to intervene if you think they are making an inappropriate use of it or are running risks of which they are not aware. .

The functions of AdenSpy, spy software for Android

Among the most interesting functions of AdenSpy there is certainly that of screen recording: the software works as a real surveillance camera that continuously records the smartphone display, recording everything that happens during use. Also, the interesting feature of Audio Recording allows you to capture sound in your surroundings via the device’s microphone itself, with recording automatically starting as soon as noises or voices are detected. If your desire is to know where your child is at all times, AdenSpy is able to record all geographic locations where the smartphone is located and the movements it has made, showing them on an easy-to-consult map. Nothing could be more convenient, therefore, for a spy software that allows you to easily obtain important information relating to the activities that your children carry out online, without letting them know they are being controlled and therefore that allows parents to act discreetly.

Other important possibilities of control concern the possibility of being able access all WhatsApp conversations, so as to be sure that children do not go to establish conversations with strangers or malicious people, monitoring of Social Networks, listening to conversations and family surveillance.

How does AdenSpy work?

AdenSpy is software truly easy to install and manage. First of all, you need to choose one of the available packages and activate your account via the confirmation email that arrives automatically. Once this is done, just download AdenSpy directly on the mobile phone you want to monitor, as well as install it. It is an operation that lasts 3 minutes in all, and in any case at the time of purchase all the necessary information is provided that makes the operation easy even for those less accustomed to using smartphones. Once the installation is complete, the software will start recording the data and they will begin to appear in the account that the parent will have initially created. It will be sufficient to log in to view all the operations that are carried out without the need to physically have the mobile phone in hand. Should you encounter any difficulties installing the software, an AdenSpy technician can complete the operation for you. It is sufficient to make an appointment on WhatsApp, even at night or in any case outside working hours.

In conclusion, this spy software for Android meets the needs of all those parents who feel the need to protect their children especially when they begin to use smartphones during adolescence, and still do not know perfectly what is right and what is. it is not.