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Adobe conquers the Oscars 2023

Adobe announced that ten films nominated for the Oscar 2023 are made using i video and 3D technologies of the Adobe platform. In particular, the filmmakers have created three documentaries and blockbuster films such as Everything Everywhere All at Once, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Top Gun: Maverick.

Adobe and the Oscars 2023

The authors used the applications Creative Cloud di Adobe including Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, and, plus Adobe Substance 3D for producing photographic and hyper-realistic 3D objects and effects.

“We are proud to have helped Academy Award-nominated filmmakers bring the world’s greatest stories to life with Adobe Creative Cloud’s comprehensive platform of creative apps and services and the Substance 3D collection,” said Ashley Still, Senior Vice President di Adobe Creative Cloud.

“Adobe continues to raise the bar of innovation to expand the horizons of the future of cinematography, enabling customers to create in new mediums and collaborate in new ways, from anywhere in the world.”

Thanks to the incredible Adobe suite, filmmakers can masterfully navigate a highly competitive environment. In addition, Adobe Creative Cloud and Substance 3D prove to be innovative and reliable tools for creative control, useful for meeting requests and producing unforgettable movies.

Adobe celebrates the 2023 Oscar nominees

  • Paul Rogers and his team at Parallax Post have used Premiere Pro, After Effects, and for Everything Everywhere All at Once, winning 11 nominations. “Premiere Pro is amazing, I couldn’t imagine working with any other program,” said Rogers. “Combined with, the whole workflow is very intuitive. So I was able to focus on the film instead of the tools.”
  • Jayse Hansen, UI designer Of Top Gun: Maverick, chose After Effects Illustrator to integrate shots of the interiors of the various aircraft. “All of Adobe’s tools work in perfect sync with each other,” Hansen said. “This gives our team a faster workflow, from design to animation, through edits, to final editing.”
  • Il docufilm di National Geographic Fire of Love bet on Adobe Creative Cloud and, winning the Jonathan Oppenheim Editing Award at the Sundance Festival, as well as an Oscar nomination for best documentary.
    The VFX artist Kara Blake stated that “in bringing this heartwarming story to life, Photoshop and After Effects helped create the film’s visual design and integrate archival footage from multiple eras, while made remote collaboration easy and efficient” .
  • Sarah Cosmi, Texture Lead Artist di Digital Domain and his team chose Substance 3D tools to refine the visuals of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which garnered five nominations. “To create the climactic battle of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Digital Domain created digital versions of two entire armies, multiple super-powered fighters, and digital environments from the ground up, and it all starts with the textures,” Cosmi said. “My team and I relied on Adobe Substance 3D as part of our integrated workflow to create every detail, from warship to oceans and beyond, which helped us deliver an amazing experience to audiences of Worldwide”.

Awards from the film industry

L’Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has conferred on Adobe the Scientific or Technical Academy Award for Substance 3D Designer contributions to special effects and animation.

garlic Eddie Awards 2023editors using Premiere Pro received an award for editing, including Everything Everywhere All at Once, Fire of Love, The Bear, VICE and Best Editing of the animated series Love Death and Robots.

Adobe also received the Lumiere™ Century Award from the Advanced Imaging Society for the creation of innovative post-production tools and for the introduction of creative technological solutions in the cinematographic sector.

Adobe Foundation in support of inclusive storytelling

The Adobe Foundation recently donated $250,000 to the drama class MFA della USC School of Dramatic Arts (SDA), thus helping students in the production of emerging short films. This investment joins Adobe Foundation works such as ‘The Inclusion List,’ a new research-led project with the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative to measure inclusion in the industry from 1929 to the present.

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