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LOL 3 review: the third season

LOL 3: Who Laughs Out has arrived on Amazon Prime Video with its first four episodes: let’s find out together how this third season is going in our review

One of the most eagerly awaited on-demand shows in recent years is certainly LOL, an international format that has also had enormous success in Italy. Finally in its third season on Amazon Prime Video, it has a very varied cast and a formula that remains successful: that of a group of high caliber comedians who can’t laugh, but have to make people laugh in order to win.

The Trailer | LOL 3 review

The formula of the program remains successful, but this third season presents a sharp drop in quality compared to the previous two seasonspresenting a huge criticism: there is no explosion of laughter. What is in Lol 3 at most are smiles or little laughs scattered throughout each episodebut the uproarious laughs of the first two seasons are to be forgotten.

The cast mixes young comedians and comedy veterans | Lol 3 review

Proceeding in order, to deepen this third season it is necessary to mention the cast of comedians who took part in it: here we see a pairing of young comedians and comedy veterans, as was already done in the second season. Among the very young, there are Giovanni Caccamo, mainly actor, Brenda Lodigiani, Marta Filippi they are also actresses and very active with content on social media. On the comedy scene for several years now, there are Fabio Balsamo that The Jackal and Herbert Ballerinapartner and accomplice of Maccio Capatonda, winner of season 2. Among the comedians of the old guard, there are instead Paolo Cevoli, Nino Frassica, Luca Bizzarri, Paolo Kessisoglu experts in both comedy shows and cinema.

This formula proved successful in season 2, but works little this season, because a good amalgamation between the various generations is not perceived. The reason is also due to the presence of many characters who are not comedians, but are mostly comedians: in fact characters such as Marina Massironi, Giovanni Caccamo, Luca and Paolo, have a varied experience that does not stop on the stage of comedy shows. This aspect makes some comic back-and-forth dynamics, necessary when speaking of this genre, difficult.

Nino Frassica is the character that emerges | Lol 3 review

The one who emerges in this situation is definitely Nino Frassica: comedian with great experiencean expert in nonsense and lightning jokes, so tested over the years as to be unsettling for their effectiveness. Here, you see the great distance between him and the rest of the comedians in his room, who while they’re all very good, appear outside their comfort zone. Among these certainly Luca and Paolo, excellent comic actors and presenters, very witty and with excellent texts that mix satire with laughter, but who move with difficulty in this third season. Same situation for Marina Massironi, film and theater actress and excellent sidekick in the most iconic films and theater pieces by Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo, who although here manages to move well, has not yet managed to emerge.

LOL 3 review: the third season

Too many smiles and too few laughs | Lol 3 review

These criticisms regarding the amalgam of the cast make the laughs few and typical, but instead leave room for smiles mainly thanks to Nino Frassica, Herbert Ballerina and Fabio Balsamo. These three comedians are the ones who appear more at ease and equipped with a comic style that lends itself to such a program: lightning jokes and small sketches that approach the style of the commedia dell’arte. It shows clearly the effort of Brenda Lodigiani who with her ease and stage experience also as a presenter throws herself into improvised scenes and also tries to play the sidekick by taking the risk of laughter.

There are still two episodes that can save the season

This third season is not all lost yet, because as per tradition, Pime Video has only released four episodes, while the other two final episodes will be available from Thursday 16 March. This means, that there might be some surprises which change the pace very slowly of these first episodes and therefore the game is still open.

This is also hopeful, because Lol is a format that brings good humor and was able to do so in a delicate historical period in which most Italians were still locked up at home, trapped by the red zones decreed by the Covid-19 pandemic . And we don’t want this magic to fade, but we want it to continue to bring laughter with its simplicity and absurdity.

And have you started seeing Lol 3? Let us know what you think of this third season and if it made you laugh, in the meantime stay with us at to find out who will win in the last episode.

A few smiles but few laughs

Plus points

  • Nino Frassica and his humor of the absurd
  • A formula that brings good mood

Points against

  • Cast not well blended
  • Some comedians too little in the part
  • Very slow pace

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