Adobe bloccherà gli stipendi ai dipendenti no vax thumbnail

Adobe will freeze salaries for no vax employees

Adobe will block employee salaries no vax thumbnail

Adobe takes a hard line with its employees not vaccinated against Covid-19. The company, as regards its workforce in the USA, in fact, has chosen to leave at home the employees who have not completed the vaccination cycle by next 8 December. Note that for Adobe no vax workers there will also be a salary freeze.

Adobe will leave workers who do not get the vaccine at home without pay

In these hours, CNBC has revealed the line that Adobe will follow regarding American workers who will not get the COVID-19 vaccine by next December 8th. These workers, in fact, will have to rstay home until they choose to get vaccinated. It should be noted that for unvaccinated workers there will also be il wage freeze. Adobe has confirmed that it will consider medical and religious exemptions.

A small percentage of workers affected

Adobe’s choice is distinctly different from that of other American companies, such as Apple, who imposed periodic tampons for no vax workers. Some American tech companies, like Google e Microsoft, have taken a line similar to that of Adobe, effectively enforcing the vaccine.

Currently, in any case, i93% of Adobe’s US employees received at least the first dose of the COVID vaccine. As a result, the company’s decision will affect a small portion of the workforce.

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