Indiecinema: the streaming channel dedicated to cinema lovers

The streaming site Indiecinema offers an extensive catalog: arthouse films, cult films, masterpieces of cinema history and independent films

Through the vision of the films it is possible to deepen the seventh art with food for thought that goes beyond mere entertainment. On Indiecinema, therefore, we recommend “SIP WATCHING”, a slower way of watching films for a more attentive and in-depth vision that also stimulates a retrospective reflection.

The blog offers the opportunity to watch and “study” the great masterpieces of cinema, from the beginnings to the present day with a particular space dedicated to films outside the commercial circuit.

Everything you need to know about the Indiecinema streaming platform:

In the catalog there are more than 300 films to be seen by subscription (5.99 euros per month) with one or two releases per week. The cinematographic works are of high quality and far from the logic of the mainstream show business and are selected and evaluated by the most important cinema sites in the world.

Among the great classics you can rediscover the cinema of Mèliès, the expressionist cinema of Murnau, the films of Jean Epstein and the short films of Chaplin, up to the modern cinema.

In Europe Indiecinema is the only platform to watch independent and original films, as well as cutting-edge and unconventional documentaries.

The site’s activities also include the organization of a film festival, the Diecinema Film Festival, which allows audiences from all over the world to discover the talents of the new independent and avant-garde cinema, celebrating the creativity and originality of new directors.

If you are a convinced cinephile, if cinema is one of your greatest passions and you are not satisfied with commercial visions, Indiecinema is the site for you also for personal growth.

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