Apex Legends: season 11 gameplay released

The presentation of season 11 of Apex Legends, entitled “Escape”, dates back to a few days ago: after the first reveal with a trailer, a new gameplay video was released today that explains in greater detail all the new content arriving. Let’s see below what it is!

A few days ago the first trailer of the new season that will come up Apex Legends. As we have already seen, this new season will be called Apex Legends Escape, and will bring important new content such as the map of Storm Point, the largest ever released so far for Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale title. Here, thanks to a gameplay trailer released today, we had the opportunity to explore more in detail the twists and turns of Storm Point in this season 11 of Apex Legends. Let’s see everything we know below.

All you need to know about Storm Point thanks to the Apex Legends season 11 gameplay trailer

Set in the oceans of Gaea (based on what we’re told in the gameplay trailer), the fourth and largest map of Apex Legends will be launched, as we had already mentioned, together with season 11. At first glance, the beaches of Storm Point may seem idyllic and seductive, but within them they hide fearsome Predators capable of embarrassing even the most experienced of the Legends. Speaking of Legends, we see in action also in short the brand new Legend that will be introduced, that is the lethal Ash; together with her, also all of hers skills most important.

In addition to the map and Legends, we are also shown all the other most important new content that will be introduced. Let’s start first with the new weapon, namely the CAR SMG, which is described as fantastic and ferocious, and then get to the new important awards that will be present in the Battle Pass.

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