AEG presents the “Cesto Care Drum”: new softness for clothing

AEG presenta il "Cesto Care Drum": una nuova morbidezza per i capi di abbigliamento thumbnail

AEG has launched the “Care Drum Basket” on the market: a unique product in the world capable of providing garments with a new softness after washing. Let’s find out how.

AEG: What a road

To develop increasingly cutting-edge technologies and components to extend the life of each garment: this is the goal that has guided for over 130 years TIME in the design of washing machines capable of revolutionizing the world of washing. The latest fruit of this incessant research work is Which Road, the new basket made with patented texture that reduces rubbing and wear of garments, taking the utmost care of fibers and fabrics.

Equipped with a performance lifter with an aerodynamic shape, this basket, unique in the world, makes the clothes be preserved from the slightest abrasion during the wash cycle and allows one smoother glide. Characterized by a greater width than traditional models, and therefore capable of accommodating large quantities of laundry, the basket ensures better performance also in terms of energy efficiency of the centrifuge and less energy expenditure.

Washing: temperatures and times

Ideal for washing even the most delicate garments in absolute safety, such as silk shirts or dresses with precious applications, Care Drum is present in the latest 7000 Series washing machines, which integrate the new one with the best distinctive technologies of the range MyMix program 69 min.

Activated at 30 ° C and specific for mixed laundry up to 5Kg, MyMix 69 min balances time, energy efficiency and care, ensuring impeccable washing performance in a short time. To optimize water and energy consumption, whatever the load of laundry inserted, the ProSense® technology intelligently sets the type and duration of the cycle. Thanks to the steam of the ProSteam® technologyfinally, the fabrics are refreshed and the folds reduced by a third: in this way, every morning, it is possible to wear a fresh and impeccable dress.