After the Fall: VR survival fights

Vertigo Games presented the new title in VR to the public. Face numerous enemies in fierce virtual reality combat with After the Fall

Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular in the gaming world. Nowadays there are several development houses that focus on these new technologies. One of these is definitely Koch Media. During the last Sony PS VR Spotlight event, Vertigo Games, a branch of Koch Media specializing in development, publishing and virtual reality, released the trailer of the new project in VR. Let’s find out the FPS action After the Fall between tiring fighting for survival.

First-person combat in the After the Fall action FPS

The game is set entirely in one The Angels 1980s, where the use of experimental substances designed to provide humans with more resistance to face the new ice Age, unexpectedly created a fiercely snow race changed and not dead. Twenty years later, the survival of the human race depends on Harvest Runners, survivors fearless and brave enough to explore the haunted frozen wastes for supplies vitali. The title makes its strong point the precision and completeness of the commands in VR. In particular, the fidelity of the movement system will make you feel like an 80s action hero wielding devastating weapons.

After the Fall: VR survival fights

A title that will satisfy even the most VR players veterans. The main mode is one 4 player co-op where the latter must join forces by venturing into enemy territory and facing huge hordes of enemies. Different types of enemies await you in your exploration, from brutes towering that will crush you with a blow, a beheaders who will grab you by the neck to lift you off the ground. Find out what it means to be a Harvest Runner as you take on hordes of enemies in tough combat within After the Fall. The title will be available per Oculus Quest, PlayStation VR e PC VR.

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