The AirPods will have new features dedicated to health

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The Apple AirPods will have new features dedicated to health, including the temperature measurement, the posture monitoring and even the hearing aid. Although, according to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, it is unclear whether the latter function really differs from the current “Amplify Conversations”. What is clear, however, is that these functions “are not expected within the next year and may never be implemented for consumers or the times may change”.

Apple AirPods: New Health Features Coming?

From what the rumors on the Net reveal, Apple would be exploring the possibility of adding new ones health features to the AirPods. Although it is not certain that these will really arrive on the market. In fact, the addition of new sensors for monitoring users’ health would make sense for the Cupertino-based company. Especially in a phase in which he is focusing a lot on supporting well-being, which has mainly materialized in the functionality of the Apple Watch.

Reports last month, in fact, suggested that the company was looking to add various sensors to the wearable device. These include monitoring blood pressure, temperature, sleep quality, blood oxygen and blood sugar. Options that could also be integrated into Apple AirPods as well. However, integrating health functions into commercial products is a complicated job, mainly due to the difficulty of meeting them high standards of medical regulation.

Last June, for example, it was announced that the Apple Watch 7 would allow temperature measurement, but the function was never made available. Yet, there are already devices on the market that allow measurement with ear sensors, so it’s not unlikely that Apple will add the function to the AirPods. Especially in a historical moment in which the body temperature is a very relevant datum.