Age of Empires IV: Introducing the new updates coming to the game

The exclusive Microsoft Age of Empires IV will continue to renew even after launch, thanks to new updates coming to the game over the next few months

More than fifteen years after the release of the third chapter of this classic strategy series, the debut of Age of Empires IV has cheered the entire videogame community, both the old and the new generation, who may never have had the opportunity to approach the title; so much so that the game reached the top of the global rankings even surpassing Forza Horizon 5, another Microsoft exclusive.

Maintaining the canons set by the previous titles, also in this chapter there are eight civilizations, along with new additions such as the Delhi Sultanate, four campaigns and a multiplayer mode. In addition, as already happened in the Definitive Edition of Age of Empires II, Age of Empires IV will receive new updates within the game: let’s see what they will be.

The new Age of Empires IV updates that will join the game in the coming months

As for this winter, it was released a few days ago la patch 7989 which fixes some bugs with the Xbox account connection system and various performance issues. Another update related to the fixes will come through hundreds of changes in the balance, the fixing of other bugs and the addition of the features most requested by the community.

Among them is the implementation of the display of players’ scores in multiplayer and combat games. The key of the Chinese Dynasty e the user interface have been moved to the lower left, and the map view will also be subject to change, making it possible to view it after finishing a game, and improving the readability of the mini-map.

Age of Empires IV: Introducing the new updates coming to the game

For the spring 2022, two new ways will be added to further enjoy the return of this historic title: user-generated tools and content to be able to create new maps and unique modes, even if you don’t have the ability to create mods. In addition, the Ranked Seasons, lasting 12 weeks and which will allow players to compete with each other, climbing the various ranks and obtaining exclusive rewards based on their results.

To train in this new challenge, it is suggested that you practice with the Art of War challenges, Campaigns and playing against AI or other players. Other features that will improve the quality of life of the title are planned for next year; to read in detail the news that will be introduced, please check the blog post on the official Xbox website.

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