Xbox Cloud Gaming arriva su Xbox Series X

Xbox Cloud Gaming arriva su Xbox Series X|S e One

Microsoft announced the arrival of Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) on console Xbox Series X|S e Xbox One: with the new update you can play on the cloud with Game Pass Ultimate. The excellent news comes at the end of the week of celebrations for the 20 of the Microsoft home console.

Xbox Cloud Gaming arriva sulle console Xbox Series X|S e One

In a post on the Xbox Official Blog, the VP and Head of Product of Xbox Cloud Gaming, Catherine Gluckstein, announced the news awaited by fans. A new generation of cloud-based gaming is also about to begin for the console world. The ability to log into Cloud Gaming comes in other 24 nations in addition to Italy with the November update. First to a limited number of players, and then spread to everyone in the following weeks.

Xbox explains that they have decided to bring this revolution to consoles because they have noticed that many players care about try Game Pass games before installing them. Now they will be able to do it with ease, playing on the cloud until they are convinced to install a game. In fact, downloading and installing games remains “the core experience for Xbox consoles”.


Also, players will be able to accept an invitation from a friend to play even if they haven’t installed the game. This way you can have fun with your friends and maybe find the next title to throw yourself into.

But the interesting news for those who still have an Xbox One is the ability to play some games of the new generation without the need to upgrade. Some games only available on Series X | S such as Recompile, The Medium e The Riftbreaker diventanor now available. And in 2022 it will even come Microsoft Flight Simulatedr.

The power and convenience of Xbox Cloud Gaming reaches over a billion devices, all you need is Game Pass Ultimate. Are you ready to play in the clouds?

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