Age of Empires IV: What Will the Next Seasons Bring?

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Age of Empires IV continues its triumphal march among the most important strategic titles thanks to the announcement of the next two seasons

Age of Empires IVis currently available for PC but it seems that it could also be available for Xbox, it was a success announced from the start (here you can find our in-depth review) that has been able to reward the patience of the players. The same ones who can enjoy new raids with the game’s Seasonsbut let’s go ahead in order.

Age of Empires IV: the news coming soon

First of all let’s start by saying that, the seasons of Age of Empires IVwill have a number given the contents already provided for the Season One and they will not take their name from the more “real” ones. This first season will therefore bring mod support, improvements to the game experience in general, a new challenge called Art of War and so much more.

The Season TwoInstead, it seems that it will allow players to completely remap both hotkeys and controls, to choose their own colors and to vote for maps as well. At the moment nothing more is known about this, but it is already a beginning and the first results could come with the summer. The developers then stated that:

Age of Empires IV: What Will the Next Seasons Bring?

While we can’t share an exact release date yet, we can tell this isn’t too far off and there will be an opportunity to preview it in the near future if you own the game on Steam.

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