Russia disconnected from the fast internet

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After so much talk, the decision finally seems to have arrived disconnect Russia from the fast Internet. It seems to have been announced by the Minister for Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov, who has officially declared the interruption of access to the exchange of LINX international traffic (London Internet Exchange). And in the meantime, documents have begun to circulate on the Net confirming “the disconnection of the main Russian providers from the exchange point of international traffic”.

Russia: Fast Internet suspended across the country

“The LINX Board of Directors considered the situation in Ukraine and took legal action regarding the sanctions imposed on designated persons and entities under the beneficial ownership, or ultimate control, of such designated persons. Given this, the Board has decided to cease providing all services and to suspend LINX membership for the following members:

  • Megafon (AS 1133);
  • Rostelecom (AS 12389)

with immediate effect. The company continues to investigate whether other members can be linked to the designated individuals. “

So reads in an email from the internal LINX customer mailing list, which clearly reports how fast internet provision in Russia has been suspended. And not only. Apparently, the company will continue to look into other Russian customers who may be related to the owners of the two aforementioned companies. The situation, therefore, could still worsen for Putin’s country, which could even end up isolated from the international network. On the other hand, LINX is now one of the largest network hubs in Europe, with a traffic spike of 6.89 Tbps. And this only makes things worse for Russia, which slowly begins to lose grips for communication, production and the economy. At this point, therefore, nothing remains to be seen but how the situation will evolve.

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