Alan Wake 2: announcement in sight at the Game Awards 2021?

According to rumors that have emerged in the last few hours, the announcement of Alan Wake 2 is increasingly likely during the next The Game Awards 2021

The news could make all fans of the Finnish developer very happy. It seems that we will soon have news of one of the most famous writers in the history of video games. The announcement of Alan Wake 2 seems to materialize in view of the next ones The Game Awards 2021. The title apparently is already in development at Remedy Entertainment with the precious collaboration of Epic Games as a manufacturer. Let’s find out the details in the article.

Insistent rumors see Alan Wake 2 announcement at The Game Awards 2021 tomorrow

With the entry of arrogance of Alan Wake in the Control universe thanks to expansion AWE and with the release of Alan Wake Remastered in cooperation between Remedy and Epic Games, there has been a lot to discuss about future of the title. In fact, it seems from some rumors that Alan Wake, classic cult horror Remedy, has a sequel in production already since the beginning of this year. The project, as already anticipated, will be entirely financed by Epic Games. From these news we therefore ask ourselves if, but above all When, there will be the official announcement. Soon said. In a recent episode of the Insider’s podcast Nate the Hate, the famous journalist Jeff Grubb spoke with some confidence about the announcement of Alan Wake 2 to the upcoming ones The Game Awards 2021.

Alan Wake 2: announcement in sight at the Game Awards 2021?

It also emerged from the conversation between Nate and Jeff the intention of Remedy and Epic Games in building a high hype around sequel. We just have to find out if the rumor is true or not tomorrow, on the occasion of the TGA 2021. Going beyond this potential bombshell, the TGA 2021 will still be an event not to be missed. The wait will be announced during the event serie live action di Halo and most likely the highly anticipated sequel to Hellblade.

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