Alan Wake Remastered: changes coming to link it to other Remedy games?

Remedy has hinted that Alan Wake Remastered may have modifications to link it to the studio’s other games

Remedy Entertainment has amply confirmed how, from now on, he has in the meantime to create a broad shared universe, capable of embracing all its games. In the past there was talk of this unique world, on the occasion of the release of AWE, the second expansion directed to the successful Control. And the DLC in question had already highlighted this desire, inserting the figure of the never forgotten within the lore of the title Alan Wake. And just the return of the Bright Falls writer, thanks to Alan Wake Remastered, could expand on this concept, as the team suggested what the game might look like small changes, useful for link it to the other productions of the studio.

Alan Wake Remastered may have changes to link to other Remedy games

That the possibility of witnessing some small changes within the remaster in question can become a reality, is indirectly suggested to us by Thomas Puha, Remedy’s communications manager. Puha talked about it in the course of an interview with Axios, indicating how the game would generally remain unchanged, but also hinted at how the whole thing could be connected to the other titles on the team. He also concluded it all by inviting players to pay attention to what we find ourselves playing.

Alan Wake Remastered: changes coming to link it to other Remedy games?

As further confirmation of the fact we have the news, according to which the Finnish studio is working on an AAA title, set in the same universe as Control and Alan Wake. Furthermore, according to some rumors, it seems that the title in question, which at present is in full production, could be the sequel to the writer’s adventures.

Alan Wake Remastered will debut next October 5th on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a rumored version for Switch distributed via the cloud. Waiting to know more, we renew the invitation to stay in the company of, but also to take a look at the offers on Instant Gaming.