Xiaomi Pad 5: the Android tablet that threatens iPad

The new Xiaomi Pad 5 arrives, the new tablet with Android system that challenges the iPad on all fronts, effectively electing itself to one of the best tablets on the market

The history of Android tablets has been rather mistreated. With a few rare exceptions like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S, most Android tablets were nothing more than large smartphones that were not optimized for productivity. Apple, on the other hand, has always invested in its tablet line, creating the iPad, a really useful product for students and professionals. In recent years, the gap between Android tablets and iPads has widened more and more. However, the rise of home streaming and above all of the pandemic has given a strong boost to the market and with smart working and distance learning, millions of people have re-evaluated tablets. This has led manufacturers to bring more valid products, like this Xiaomi Pad 5. Here are all the details!

Xiaomi Pad 5: the Android tablet that threatens iPad

Xiaomi Pad 5: the revenge of Android tablets?

The new tablet of the Chinese giant is a real resource for students and professionals. In fact it comes with the suite Productivity to optimize and simplify productivity. For example, the camera allows you to scan documents and the pen allows you to take notes directly on the screen. But let’s go in order. We have an excellent 11-inch LCD screen and WQHD + resolution (16:10) with 120 Hz refresh rate and support for Dolby Vision, True Display and Low Blue Light mode to not tire the eyes. Thanks to 4 speaker stereo 16 x 20 mm compatible with Dolby Atmos, and Hi-Res Audio it will be truly a pleasure to see videos, movies and TV series.

The Xiaomi Pad 5 processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 therefore a CPU made at 7 nm with 8 cores that can reach 2.96 GHz. Next to the SoC we find 6 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and up to 256 GB storage, The connectivity boasts Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. The 13 MP camera obviously serves not so much for taking landscape photos, but for scanning documents and digitizing them. The 8 MP front one, on the other hand, is useful for video calls and online meetings. The battery from 8.720 mAh should guarantee a good autonomy and with fast charging at 22.5 W (with the supplied charger), it will be possible to charge the device in just under 2 hours. Finally we have the Xiaomi Smart Pen for taking notes and writing on the screen. The compact size makes Xiaomi Pad 5 very similar to iPad Air.

Xiaomi Pad 5: the Android tablet that threatens iPad

Price and availability

Although it is probably still difficult to compete with iPads on par, this Xiaomi Pad 5 is really interesting, especially for the very affordable price. On Aliexpress you can buy the tablet in the following configurations:

  • 6 / 128 GB a 299 euro (with a discount of 30 euros for the first 333 pieces sold with the discount code “MI30”)
  • 8 /256 GB a 349 euro (with a discount of 50 euros for the first 200 pieces sold with the discount code “MI50”)

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