Alan Wake: Remedy talks about the remastered in an interview with VGC

Remedy spoke in an interview on the recent remastered classic Alan Wake. Several behind-the-scenes details were revealed in the discussion

Remedy Entertaiment, the production house of titles such as Control and Quantum Break, recently released an interesting interview with the VGC magazine. In the interview Remedy talked about the different aspects and decisions taken in bringing Alan Wake, one of his historic IPs to the fore again through the Alan Wake Remastered. This is an important operation for the development house Finnish which testifies to the will to achieve a public even greater. The communications director discuss it, Thomas Puha and the community manager, Vida Starčević.

Remedy reveals the secrets behind Alan Wake Remastered in an interview with VGC

In the first few bars of theinterview released by Remedy regarding the Alan Wake Remastered, the two have unveiled the reason why so many have passed years before reviewing the face of again Alan Wake. The reasons were many, the most important reason being that before 2019 the rights of publication of the game were owned by Microsoft. Although Remedy held the IP at the time, it nevertheless did not have the opportunity to use Alan Wake’s name for no videogame product. Once the rights were regained, it did not take long before he got involved work on the remastered.

To take care of the realization of the remastered it was the English study d3t. In particular, d3t had to put his hand to the rendering and add support to DX12. In addition, around 100,000 have been revised asset game, come on prop, to foliage up to models of the characters. Virtually everything has undergone a graphic improvement to keep up with current generations of hardware. One of the central points of the operation, beyond the technical improvements, was to stay faithful with the mood of the settings of the original title.

Alan Wake: Remedy talks about the remastered in an interview with VGC

A welcome return

In addition to the decision not to implement the ray tracing, not to change the graphics engine and stay on that old. Copy and paste the original onto the new engine Northlight, would have implied a excessive use of time and resources. One of the things mentioned Remedy is proud is the preservation of the DNA also in this remastered. The title does not look bad at all when compared to productions more recent, precisely because of the recognizable style in storytelling.

The pandemic, he answered Soft, it did not put the job too much in crisis. Of course, working in a unique environment physical is better especially with regard to the early stages “creative” of development. However it is difficult to talk about it, it depends on which one part we take care of the project. To the fateful question about future projects of the team, the two collaborators have not hinted anything, except that there are no plans currently to bring the dlc back to light Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. The official statements issued by Remedy in this interview they only report the intention to bring Alan Wake to a more audience ample.

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