Alan Wake: the development of the sequel started?

Remedy Entertainment has begun, in collaboration with Epic Games, the development of a triple A title that could turn out to be the sequel to Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment, which in the last period has seen its staff increase considerably in number, has started the development of a new one triple title A, which is thought to be the sequel to Alan Wake, whose existence we announced a few months ago. To contribute financially to the realization of the project there is Epic Games, which is acting as the main financier.

Alan Wake: what we know about the possible sequel in development at Remedy

For the moment, there is not yet certainty that the title whose release has been announced is truly the sequel to Alan Wake. What is known for sure is that it is the same project that we started discussing a few months ago and that, regarding the game in question, it has been rumored since its announcement that it could be Alan Wake 2. officially under development, the identity of the title is likely to be revealed soon. The first game in the Alan Wake saga was released in 2010 on consoles and in 2012 on PC. Remedy regained the rights to publish the title in 2019.

Alan Wake: the development of the sequel started?

In addition to the mysterious triple A title, Remedy is currently working on several other projects. The development of CrossfireX, according to the study, it would be close to conclusion; also the realization of the free to play co op Vanguard, again according to what the company said, it would then be proceeding swiftly. Finally, Remedy would also be working on the creation of a spin off with a focus on multiplayer Control.

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