Alex Zanardi returns home, his wife Daniela: “He is a great fighter”

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Alex Zanardi is home, for the first time after a year and a half since the terrible accident that occurred in June 2020. The Italian champion continues his rehabilitation process after a collision with a truck during a charity event at the wheel of that Handbike that gave him four medals. ‘Gold at the Paralympic Games. To reveal it is his wife Daniela in an interview with the BMW Press Office, of which Zanardi has been Brand Ambassador for years. “She is a fighter with us for a few weeks“, He revealed.

Alex Zanardi’s rehabilitation continues at home. “Spend your days in a wheelchair with us”

After a dutiful silence to respect the wishes of Alex and his family, a year and a half after the terrible accident that occurred in June 2020 while driving his Handbike, Alex Zanardi returns home. This was announced by his wife, Daniela, who, together with her children and family, has always accompanied the recovery of the Bolognese champion, remaining by his side throughout the months in the hospital. “Alex was able to leave the hospital a few weeks ago and is now back home with us“Daniela Zanardi told the BMW press office. “We have waited a long time for this to happen and we are very happy that it has been possible now. However, in the future there will still be temporary stays in special clinics to carry out specific rehabilitation measures on the spot. ”

For Daniela, this step in rehabilitation is absolutely critical to Alex’s health. “After the long period in the hospital it is important for him to return to his family and his family environment. ”, Explains Daniela. “We must also consider that, due to the pandemic situation, for a year and a half Alex only had people with masks and protective devices around him. Furthermore, due to the extensive and important protective measures in the clinic, the possibilities for visits are obviously very limited. “

For Zanardi’s family, in fact, this is fundamental news for the recovery which, in the privacy of his family, is proceeding as expected. “It is not yet possible to predict how his recovery will develop further. It is still a long and demanding path that Alex faces with a very combative spirit. ”, Said his wife, who also revealed a beautiful detail of Alex’s health. “During the week, a therapist works with him on physical, neurological and speech therapy exercises. As for his physical condition, there is a lot of progress. Alex gains more and more strength in his arms, which has increased a lot. And except the hospital, where he was in bed for a long time, Alex now spends most of the day in a wheelchair with us. He only rests a little in the afternoon, after lunch. ”

Alex Zanardi and his incredible strength to start a long rehabilitation from scratch

Although the path is still long, Alex Zanardi is now at home, where he can spend a Christmas surrounded by the love of his family, and not on a cold hospital bed. His wife Daniela said it clearly: “Alex is a fighter”, and he has already proved it several times during his incredible life. In fact, Alex Zanardi was born as an excellent car driver. In the culminating years of a career that had led him to land in Formula 1 between 1991 and 1999, and to win two American CART Championships in 1997 and 1998, the September 15, 2001 life led him to have to overcome a first, incredible challenge.

On the German circuit of Lausitzring, in fact, he suffered a terrible accident who broke his Honda car in two. The consequences of the accident were very serious: amputation of both legs. It felt like his racing career ended there. And instead, after a brilliant recovery, Alex Zanardi returned to racing in the Touring Championships, graduating Italian Superturism Champion in 2005. To his career in motorsport, Zanardi joined that in Paralympic sports, falling in love with the extremely tough handbike.

On his three-wheeled bicycle, Alex qualified a two Olympics, those of London 2012 and Rio 2016. But he didn’t just participate: between London and Rio, in fact, he won 4 Gold and 2 Silver Medals between categories H4, H5 and Relay. Fate, however, does not seem to have tired of challenging Alex, who in June 2020 he was the victim of another accident, this time aboard his beloved handbike. Colliding with a truck, the Bolognese champion suffered severe neurological and maxillofacial trauma. For a year and a half, Alex has been putting all of himself to recover from the umpteenth accident of a life by always pushing on the accelerator.

Despite a life always lived to the fullest, overcoming the incredible challenges that life has reserved for him, Alex Zanardi has not got tired of fighting yet. Indeed, the strength of mind and physical strength gained, conquered, sweated over the last 20 years has made him even stronger. And, we are sure, he will also be able to overcome this last, very difficult challenge. Who knows, then, what his next impossible feat will be …

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