The best horror games of 2021

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The 2021 marked the return in style of the horror genre and offered us many video games interesting. Some of them have succeeded in their intent, that is to put anxiety and anguish on us: others, on the other hand, could do better. In this article we will discover together the best horror video games of 2021. You are ready?

The best horror games of 2021: Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 is a puzzle-action horror title and of adventure developed by Tarsier Studios and produced by Bandai Namco. This is the sequel by Little Nightmares and was first announced during Gamescom 2019.

The new title takes place sometime after Six, the protagonist of the first chapter, manages to escape from the Maw. The protagonist of Little Nightmares 2, and therefore the character we’re going to check out, is the little one Mono. This is a masked child wearing a paper bag on his head and got trapped in a world that was distorted by the transmission of the Signal Tower.

Little Nightmares 2 è shrewd, it shows itself to us in a way and ends up destroying all our certainties in a short time. It is one of the titles that the public waited longer, particularly after the incredible success of the first chapter, Little Nightmares.

The title of Tarsier Studios brings honor to the classic horror genre and shows the public that even a similar title – that is, of a horror nature – is capable of tell a story (also quite painful and touching).

Little Nightmares 2 is effectively the horror video game we needed. It offers a story full of mixed emotions and feelings that allow us to get to the heart of the game. Step by step, under the shadows of this decadent and monstrous world, we feel closer to our protagonists, in particular to little Mono.

His is a character who manages to conquer us immediately and it shows us that you don’t need to be big and big to be brave. Somehow we come literally sucked into this lightless atmosphere, where the shadow reigns supreme. Monsters not only attack Mono and Six but also us. This is important, as it means that the developer has succeeded in make us part of history through music, settings, characters and a complex puzzle of riddles.

Everything is then seasoned with one perennial feeling of anguish e anxiety that accompanies us throughout the duration of the title, especially in the hospital. It does not offer unnecessary jumpscare but builds, step by step, a wall of terror and anguish which, suddenly, will fall on us.

Did we expect it? Perhaps. Did we know it would hurt that bad? Honestly, no.

Resident Evil: Village – a mix of action and terror

Resident Evil Village is set three years after the events featured in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Ethan, now safe and sound from the nightmare, has moved into a new home with his wife My and his daughter Rosemary. The family lives quietly and rarely talks about what happened years ago.

However Ethan he is still very shaken from those events while his wife Mia seems to have overcome everything. One night, while the two are about to dine, Chris Redfield it’s a squad of soldiers armed break into the house, killing Mia and kidnapping Ethan with his daughter Rose.

After losing consciousness, Ethan wakes up next to a wrecked truck: next to him find the bodies of dead soldiers. Ethan gets up and finds himself in the middle of one dense snowy forest. He makes his way, afraid and alone, until he finds one mysterious eastern European village.

After a chapter like the seventh and the remake of Resident Evil 2, the Capcom audience began to await the arrival of Resident Evil: Village with more curiosity and enthusiasm. For months, audiences have been exposing his theories, making assumptions and imagining what might have happened within this new chapter. However the trailers left most of the longtime fans perplexed, almost frightened.

New creatures and new enemies: none of them looked like a zombie.

However, fears aside, Capcom’s new chapter is one Announcements. We are faced with a game that has managed to embody the essence of the first chapters of the saga, connecting perfectly with them. Resident Evil: Village turns out to be the perfect hybrid, able to attract new players to the saga but also of excite veterans.

IS balanced and is ready to offer a lot to its audience, from a plot intriguing e well articulated, a fierce enemies complete with puzzles e tense atmosphere, dark. Capcom told the audience that the Village would play a pivotal role in the story, almost as if it were a character too he was right. The essence of the Village is felt and is ready to settle under our skin in a pungent and painful way.

The Alien Cube: an Italian (un) pleasant discovery

Alessandro Guzzo, author of The Land of Pain, returns with a new first-person video game in horror colors that has left us completely speechless. The protagonist of The Alien Cube is Arthur, a young man who suddenly wakes up inside a strange cave.

It’s cold and the environment around him is strange, he doesn’t even know how it got there. A little further on he sees one severed head, located on a kind of altar. There is also a a rotten corpse dangling from the ceiling of the cave and lighted candles on the ground.

Arthur then proceeds forward until he finds one strange object, a green color cube, which especially glitters. He approaches the object and suddenly wakes up: that was just a bad dream. Later, however, after making a quick trip to the kitchen, Arthur finds a strange one letter.

It is not easy to find a title that can convey such a sense of anxiety and tension but The Alien Cube has succeeded very well. L’distress that you feel in exploring the environment, the fear to find something in front of them suddenly, they collide with the curiosity and wanting to know what is happening.

Alessandro Guzzo took care of the title himself and was brilliant. He managed to give life to a noteworthy title, which brings honor to the horror genre. The Alien Cube is balanced and well done and offers the public a horror product with all the trimmings without losing sight of the element of storytelling, from the plot.

In addition, Guzzo has managed to blend exploration and puzzle solving, prompting the audience to control every corner of the game in order to solve the puzzle and move forward. You perceive and notice ameticulous attention retail, which is what keeps the tension alive.

The best horror games of 2021: Chasing Static, a return to origins

We continue our list of the best horror games of 2021 with Chasing Static, a psychological horror title made by Headware Games that boasts graphics inspired by the first games of the 90s. The main character is Chris Selwood: when his father dies, our protagonist goes to thein the North Wales countryside to fix some old issues. However, it suddenly begins to pour down: after stopping at a diner to let the storm pass, things take a ugly fold.

The current suddenly goes away it’s a menacing figure attacks the kind waitress he was talking to a few moments before, pinning her violently to the ceiling. Chris later wakes up and appears to be in one parallel dimension and time.

The once cozy diner is now in disrepair, and the colorful sweets that once adorned the counter display are completely dark, moldy. What awaits us is a journey of about two hours in the sleepy town of Hearth and its environs, as we investigate a series of anomalies and uncover the village’s sinister secrets.

Chasing Static is a short video game but it managed to fascinate us from the very beginning. IS great tribute to survival horror titles that have marked the genre and the gaming market on PlayStation. Presents an incredible 32-bit style graphics and a surprisingly story detailed, which allows us to enter the title and experience it firsthand.

It is not a suitable title for those who love fast-paced adventures. Rather, it’s that video game that fans of Silent Hill and early Resident Evil will love.

The Medium and the spirit world

The Medium is a third person psychological horror video game. In the title we will play the role of Marianne, a medium capable of traveling in the realm of spirits. Switching from one world to another will allow us to solve puzzles and puzzles present in the game. Furthermore, Marianne’s psychic abilities will prove particularly useful against our enemies.

The title shows itself as a high quality psychological horror which has managed, at the same time, to offer a constantly developing narrative sector. The atmosphere tetra e terrifying present within the title becomes more and more insidious and penetrating, until it envelops us completely and leaves us breathless.

Each element within the title blends seamlessly with the great graphics and the evocative and creepy soundtrack.

In Sound Mind, when horror is in your mind

In Sound Mind is a horror title developed by We Create Stuff. The protagonist is the psychologist Desmond, who attempts to understand the mysterious events he has seen in Milton Haven, a once peaceful city. The search for answers leads Desmond to review the archived sessions of his deceased patients: however the cassettes themselves constitute a vivid and surreal mystery.

In Sound Mind is a incredible title which, frankly said, he even managed to exceed our expectations. On the surface it may seem like a simple title, which has nothing to say: in reality it is much more and you will find out only by living – or dying, it depends on your initial approach.

Characterized by aheavy atmosphere e intense and one column…