Alexa becomes a personal trainer with the Fixfit feature

Su Alexa arriva Fixfit: l’assistente vocale diventa un personal trainer thumbnail

Just say “Alexa open Fixfit” to turn the Amazon voice assistant into a personal trainer. The feature provides free, interactive and fun workouts based on the level and time available.

“Alexa apri Fixfit”

Here comes a new feature for home workout lovers, but also for non-lovers. In fact FixitBesides providing a series of exercises optimized for well-being, it is also a pleasant pastime. All through Alexa, who now also becomes a personal trainer. The proposed workout is ideal for home exercises, with free and effective workouts, taking advantage of all the convenience of voice commands. Fixfit it is therefore a skill that allows you to dedicate time and care for yourself in a fresh and engaging way.

To get started, just say “Alexa, open Fixfit”, and challenge yourself with workouts that can be used through i compatible display devices e its Fire TV. Thanks to Alexa, the Skill Fixfit offers all the simple and intuitive voice navigation functions such as “start workout”, “stop”, “resume” and “close workout”.

Users will also be free to select their workout based on difficulty level – basic, intermediate e advance. You can also focus on a specific part of the body to be toned: legs, arms, buttocks, shoulders, back or abs. You can choose between fifty-five workouts e a muscle awakening, ideal for starting your day full of energy. It is not necessary to start immediately with workouts that are too long and intense, each workout has a different duration, between 15 and 30 minutes.

On the portal it is also possible to create a personalized diary where to track work sessions and progress achieved, also taking advantage of many other useful contents, from recipes to advice on how to follow a healthy lifestyle.

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