Alexa per iOS si aggiorna con un nuovo widget thumbnail

Alexa for iOS updates with a new widget

Alexa for iOS updates with a new thumbnail widget

Alexa’s iOS app registers a new update. With the new version, iPhone users will be able to take advantage of a new widget which allows you to interact, even more quickly and effectively, with Amazon’s virtual assistant. Just update the app to the latest version available and access the widgets to start using the new Alexa functionality.

Alexa updates on iOS with a new widget

Alexa keeps renewing itself. The application for iOS of Amazon’s virtual assistant, in fact, registers a new update that allows iPhone users to access the Alexa functions even more easily. After updating the app, in fact, you can set a new widget on the iPhone home screen. This widget is, in fact, a quick link to interact with Alexa.

A tap will be enough to interact with Alexa on iOS thanks to the new widget. This way, users can make requests without having to start the application. To make requests with a tap to Alexa it will be necessary to have granted permission to access the microphone to the app. For iPhone users, this is a solution that aims to simplify the use of the assistant.

New functions for the app

For users there is also the option of set specific reminders to Alexa. The assistant, in fact, can save reminders that will then be sent to specific family members for example. Through the app it is possible to add various user profiles with the possibility of assigning each of the nicknames.

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