Alfa Romeo Milano, follow the live broadcast of the latest Milanese effort now!

The time has come, we are finally about to enter a new era in Alfa Romeo's history. The live streaming of the new Alfa Romeo Milano is now underway, the car that marks a new chapter in the history of the automotive company

We've talked endlessly about how important this new car from Alfa Romeo is, and we won't stop saying that this will be the car that will mark the history of Alfa Romeo, ushering the company into a new era. This in fact will be the first electric car that the Milanese company has created in almost 100 years of life, but not only that, it will also be the first economical carwhich will in fact be available under 30,000 euros. We recently got to see some small previews of the car's appearance and what its features will be. The latest update we had is on the car's profile and it has started to arouse a lot of curiosity both among fans of the company and among young people who have not yet had the opportunity to purchase their own car.

Alfa Romeo Milano, the live streaming behind the Madonnina

This is pretty much the third SUV from Alfa Romeo and will make its debut behind the Madonnina. During this live broadcast the new car will be shown in its entirety, in which the technical and aesthetic specifications will be explained, both as regards the bodywork and the interior, including infotainment, engines and so on. What we already know for sure is what this SUV will be 100% electric. We are very curious to find out how they conceived this SUV which, we remember, represents a new chapter in the history of Alfa Romeo, which has finally decided to embrace the electric motor in turn, for a more ecological, cleaner and less polluted future. But above all this will be the first car accessible to allthanks to its much lower price than usual.

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