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Algor Maps: the app that allows you to create automatic concept maps

Algor Maps won. The web application – developed by a team of young students from the Polytechnic of Turin – which allows the user to create concept maps automatically, thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, to help students with specific learning disabilities in their study, was proclaimed as the winning project of the Nazaré Lifelong Learning call for ideas.

An acceleration path promoted by Onde Alte ( – a benefit company and BCorp engaged in social innovation projects – and designed to support free ideas and initiatives that
can enhance learning experiences.

The selected project was that of the Algor team (, a young startup that develops Artificial Intelligence algorithms that have direct implications on people’s lives and that can be useful to increase productivity, reduce difficulties and automate all time-consuming tasks.

Algor Maps: usability

In particular, the team has developed a web application accessible from any browser and from any device (PC, smartphone or tablet) which, thanks to the algorithm developed by the team, allows the user to create concept maps automatically, starting from a simple text. The idea is to target the application for students with Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), as it allows them to synthesize the most important information, thus facilitating study and learning. The goal for the future is to create a complete platform, with additional features dedicated to study, aimed primarily at students with SLD, but useful for anyone.

With Algor Maps it is possible to create a concept map from scratch, or to obtain it automatically: just paste the text in the appropriate box and wait for the algorithm to synthesize it, returning a concept map that can be subsequently modified and saved on the platform.

Concept maps created with Algor Maps can be revised and integrated:
not only can you change cell fonts and colors, but also insert new ones, add images from any device (PC, MacBook, Tablet, Ipad) and change the reading arrangement (horizontally, vertically or circularly), according to your own preferences.
Once saved, files can be sent to teachers or other students, thanks to the sharing functions. Finally, from the platform it is possible to see selected videos on the topic that you are studying and to read the map with the help of a very high quality speech synthesizer.

The future of the application

Starting in September, Algor will have access to an acceleration path, which will begin with a 4-day and 3-month bootcamp of coaching with a dedicated lead mentor. Furthermore, he will receive a seed investment of € 20,000.00, without the request for fee or equity in exchange.

“With Nazaré Lifelong Learning, we want to make our concrete contribution to make training more inclusive, accessible and innovative. We have received several projects of great interest, and this confirms that there is sensitivity to the theme of education and we believe that it is necessary to support and invest in those innovative realities. that not only make training more inclusive but also have a concrete potential for growth and a
positive social impact on the entire community ”says Massimiliano Ventimiglia, CEO and founder of Onde Alte.

“It is really important to know that in Italy there is someone who shares our same goal. It gives us the strength to continue working hard to improve teaching and make the learning experience truly inclusive. This award and the acceleration path with the Onde Alte team represent a unique opportunity to improve the
our application and make it available to all Italian students ”comments the team of

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