Dice Legacy is Gamescom’s Most Original Game

Dice Legacy è il Most Original Game della Gamescom thumbnail

The particular and interesting indie Dice Legacy wins an important award on the occasion of gamescom award 2021, the review held on the sidelines of the videogame fair. The game, created by DESTINIYbit and Ravenscourt, has, in fact, won the award as Most Original Game, confirming itself as one of the most interesting titles coming to the videogame market in the near future. The game will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch in a few days.

Dice Legacy is Most Original Game at Gamescom

Dice Legacy it mixes, in a really interesting way, different genres creating a product of sure interest. The title, in fact, aims to offer acomplete experience including elements of city building, survival roguelike and strategy. The result is a mix that promises to offer a lot of fun to players and that has been awarded as Most Original Game alla Gamescom.

The game will be released next 9 of September. The release is scheduled on PC e Nintendo Switch for that date. Ravenscourt will offer full support for the game’s global release. For more details you can consult the Steam page of the game. Note that the title will support the Italian language for the interface.

The new trailer

Waiting for the release, we report the arrival of a new trailer dedicated to the game. The trailer in question, which we report below, was created to celebrate the prestigious success achieved by the title on the occasion of the gamescom awards. Here is the trailer:

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