Alienware Concept Nyx, streaming games for the whole house

Alienware Concept Nyx, giochi in streaming per tutta la casa thumbnail

Al CES 2022 Dell wants to revolutionize the way we play: Alienware presents Concept Nyx, for multiple streaming of home games. A system that allows it Wireless game streaming to various devices: you can switch from your gaming PC monitor to your home TV without any problems. In addition, several players can make the most of the line to have fun at the same time. A type of “server centralehomemade, which reduces latency and increases the desire to play.

Dell Alienware presenta Concept Nyx

At CES 2022, Glen Robson, Dell’s CTO, explains that Alienware is thinking about how to make streaming games as simple as streaming music or movies into a home. For this he presents a really interesting prototype: Concept Nyx. Which responds to a specific request: “how to allow players in a house to have easy access to the entire library of games simultaneously. AND play on any device, even if they want to change screens during gameplay ”.

Robson gives the example of a player who is exploring Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 on their PC in the room. But when he wants to start making dinner, pass the controller to one of his roommates in the living room that can continue playing on their 65-inch TV.

The Concept Nyx prototype presented at CES 2022

Alienware is wondering what role it will play l’edge gaming in the future. No more need to go back to a central server, perhaps with great latency. The games that a user owns will be available throughout the home in streaming locale. Whether you want to play on your computer, TV or smartphone connected to the WiFi network.

According to Dell, you can manage streaming of the up to four games simultaneously. All with the ability to switch devices mid-gameplay and playing all the games you own, no matter where you bought them.

A service that for now works only as a prototype from show in Las Vegas. But that could in the future involve the whole family or flatmates’ apartment. A common central game server, to play on any screen you want.