Tutto sulla Stagione 3 di Halo Infinite: Echoes Within thumbnail

All about Season 3 of Halo Infinite: Echoes Within

All about Halo Infinite Season 3: Echoes Within thumbnail

Xbox today announced the launch of Season 3 of Halo Infinite called Echoes Within, which represents the biggest multiplayer update for the game. Indeed, in addition to a new Battle Pass, Season 3 introduces for the first time a new weapon (the shotgun M392 Bandit) and a new piece of equipment (called Shroud Screen) .

The Battle Pass instead consists of 100 levels, which include both Premium and Free rewards. But that’s not all, because Echoes Within also brings with it new maps, equipment, modes and much more. Below is a summary of all the news of Season 3.

All the news of Season 3 of Halo Infinite

Season 3 of Halo Infinite introduces:

  • New maps: Three new maps, including arena maps Cliffhanger (ONI research site) and Chasm (Zeta Halo substructure) and the Big Team Battle Oasis map.
  • Fucile M392 Bandit: The first new weapon since the launch of the game. Designed to reward accuracy and precision, the M392 Bandit is a semi-auto rifle perfect for medium-range engagements. It features formidable stopping power and is only fit for a super-soldier. The rifle gives its best with well-aimed and well-placed shots.
  • Shroud Screen: The first new equipment since launch and consists of a portable launcher that allows the player to aim and shoot even an opponent out of range.
  • New mode: Escalation Slayer is a brand new arena game mode! Available as both a squad-based and FFA variant, Escalation Slayer requires players to eliminate opponents to progress through a massive array of weaponry. With each kill comes a new weapon, before culminating in the final challenge: eliminating an enemy player with the Oddball.
  • Battle Pass with over 100 levels: with the Premium tier that allows you to immediately unlock the legendary Redsteel Splinter armor plating. Also among the rewards is 1,000 Halo Credits and a fourth challenge slot and bonus XP throughout Season 3.
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