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Google One adds more security features for everyone

All plans of Google One they already include more storage space for securely backing up your files, photos and videos. And now, for added layers of security, Google is extending Google One’s VPN to all plans. It is also introducing the “Report del dark web” to help you better monitor your personal information and stay safer online.

You can enter VPN access for all Google One plans

The VPN di Google One adds greater protection to your internet activity, no matter what apps or browsers you use. This protects it from hackers or network operators by masking the IP address. Without a VPN, the sites and apps you visit may use your IP address to track activity or determine your location. In addition, various measures will be taken to ensure that no one can link your network traffic to the identity of the users.

Google is expanding VPN access to all Google One members, including the Basic plan starts at $1.99/month. The VPN will be available in 22 countries on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices. It is also possible share the VPN with up to five people if you share your Google One plan with them. Thus, protection is extended to one’s own family group.

Google One

The Dark Web Report monitors user information

Il new Google One Report helps scan the “dark web” looking for personal information, such as name, address, e-mail, telephone number and tax code, and will notify you if they have been found. When you activate the Dark Web Report, you provide and select the information you want to monitor in your monitoring profile.

If corresponding information is found on the dark web, users will be notified and will provide guidance on how to protect that information. For example, if your Social Security number is found, Google suggests you report it to the government as stolen or take steps to protect your credit.

In addition to showing results corresponding to personal information added to the tracking profile, the Dark Web Report will also show other related information that can be found in those data breaches. The information contained in the tracking profile is managed according to Google’s privacy policies and the user can delete any information from his profile or stop tracking at any time.

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