All about the bonus bikes and electric scooters

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So go to the bonus for the purchase of electric bikes and scooters.

The mobility bonus is back, but this time in the form of a tax credit. The measure was included in the Decree of the Ministry of Economy of 21 September 2021. But it was published in the Official Gazette only on 29 October.

It’s about a big push towards the electric. Which, not surprisingly, is one of the points that make up the first of the four major objectives of Cop26, the conference on climate change that is taking place these days in Glasgow.

As we will see, not only those who have purchased an electric vehicle will be facilitated, but also those who have used public transport subscriptions or sustainable mobility services.

So let’s find out what the new bonus for bikes and electric scooters consists of, who is it for, what figures have been made available. And finally, how to request the benefit.

What is the bike and scooter bonus

The implementation guidelines for accessing a tax credit which is in fact a new mobility bonus were published in the Official Gazette on Friday 29 October.

In favor, to be precise, of anyone in the period from 1 August to 31 December 2020 who has purchased electric scooters, electric or muscle bicycles, subscriptions to public transport, shared or sustainable electric mobility services. Although, as we will see, there are other conditions to be able to request the benefit.

So what is identified for the sake of brevity as a bonus for bikes and electric scooters actually rewards a wider audience, made up of all the citizens who have chosen to move paying attention to the protection of the planet.

The resources allocated for this measure are equal to 5 million euros.

Who is eligible for the bonus

Be careful though. Only individuals who have scrapped an M1 category vehicle in the period from 1 August to 31 December 2020 are entitled to the bonus for bikes and electric scooters (i.e. with a maximum of 9 seats and a mass not exceeding 5 tons). And in the same time frame they have purchased a pass for public transport, an electric or muscle (i.e. non-electric) bicycle, an electric scooter or other electric and sustainable mobility services.

Another essential condition, the applicant or one of his cohabiting family members must be the owner of the scrapped vehicle for at least twelve months before scrapping.

How much is the bonus

The maximum amount that can be used, in the form of a tax credit, is 750 euros.

How to claim the bike and scooter bonus

The benefit can only be requested electronically.

It will be necessary to send an application to the Revenue Agency which must contain “the amount of expenditure incurred in the year 2020”. It will then be up to the Agency itself “to determine the percentage of the tax credit due to each subject”.

The bonus cannot be combined with other tax breaks concerning the same type of expense.

electric scooters

Times yet to be defined

From publication in the Official Gazette, the Revenue Agency has ninety days to establish methods and times for the electronic submission of requests.

For which it is not yet possible to submit applications to the Agency.

How to use credit

The bonus for bikes and electric scooters “can only be used in the tax return” as a reduction in taxes due and can be used “no later than 2022”. That is to say it can be included in the 2023 tax return at the latest.

Towards sustainable and electric transport. But the scooters?

The bonus, which is part of the package of incentives for sustainable mobility defined by the Relaunch Decree (Legislative Decree no.34 of 19 May 2020), therefore gives another push for sustainable mobility.

Well then a move that invites you to take advantage of public transport, bike sharing and bicycles, electric or not.

The discourse concerning electric scooters is more complex, certainly considered as practical and ecological means but at the same time risky for the driver.

In the Infrastructure decree that Parliament will soon convert into law, there are in fact some restrictive measures that concern electric scooters..

The maximum speed limit will drop from the current 25 km / h to 20. The previous limit of 6 km / h in pedestrian areas will remain unchanged.

A ban on parking on pavements will then be introduced. Electric scooters sold after 1 July 2022 must be equipped with arrows and stops. The others will have to adapt by January 1, 2024.

Compulsory helmet for minors. In poor visibility conditions, you will need to wear reflective vests, and have a white or yellow front light and a red rear light.