All the news from BYD from the Shanghai Show

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The Chinese giant Byd of wonders still amazes. From Shanghai al European market: all the news. Some examples of cars are intended for the domestic market. Others we will soon see them on display at European car showrooms.

Byd of wonders, the Byd Seagull mini-SUV soon in Europe

The journey of the electric Byd proceeds at full speed. The compact mini-SUV Byd Seagull it measures 3.75 meters in length. This one is on sale in China with 75 and 102 HP engines, and batteries of 30 o 38 kWh for 305 or 405 km of autonomy.

Byd Seagulle, the mini-SUV, source Byd website

On the occasion of the Shanghai Motor Show, we finally know the costs for the Chinese market. So, here Byd Seagull is sold at the starting price equivalent to 10.700 euro. The arrival of the elegant three-volume sedan is less obvious Chaser World 07offered in two plug-in hybrid versions with an electric range of 121 km or 200 km (NEDC).

byd of wonders, Yangwang U9 the hypercar of wonders

Another surprise reserved by the Chinese manufacturer Byd it’s the 100% electric hypercar Yangwang U9. The car is a coupe, with 2 vertical opening doors and 4 engines in the propulsion scheme.

Byd Yangwang U9, the hypercar of wonders, source site BydByd Yangwang U9, the hypercar of wonders, source site Byd

There is no official data at the time of the potency of Yangwang U9. At the same time, however, we know its 0-100 km/h sprint, in 2 seconds flat. On the Chinese market the car has a sales tag of approx 1 million yuanmore or less equivalent to 138.300 euro.

Byd of wonders, the SUV Yangwang U8 powered by four of the most powerful electric motors ever

In the electrified car market Byd aim very high. To keep an eye on is the SUV developed on the e4 platform, Yangwang U8. Driven by 4 electric motors, this maxi-sized SUV develops a total power of 1,100 HP.

Byd, il Suv Yangwang U8, fonte sito BydByd, il Suv Yangwang U8, fonte sito Byd

Il Suv Yangwang U8 it measures 5,319 mm in length. Furthermore, its dimensions and characteristics of a true cruiser offer it the possibility of rotating a 360° on itself. Not only that, this medium was born to float on streamsat least according to the videos released by the Chinese manufacturer.

Byd of wonders, Denza: Maxi and Premier

Glam and in two versions. Byd offers the two models Denza, also oriented towards the high end. The maxi size SUV Denza D9 Premier is aimed at customers looking for luxury, while the Denza N7 sports the understated look typical of representative saloons/crossovers.

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Byd, Denza D9 Premier on the left Denza N7 on the right, source Byd websiteByd, Denza D9 Premier on the left Denza N7 on the right, source Byd website

Byd of wonders, Chaser 07 the electric sedan you don’t expect

Byd of wonders the proposed electric sedan is the model Chaser 07. This one with technology Super Hybrid from the Byd Ocean series. From electric-only range up to 200 km. It arrives only on the Asian market (at the moment) at a price of around 30,000 euros.