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The Smart #3 electric SUV coupe leaves from Shanghai

A grand debut for the Smart#3, the electric coupe SUV starts from Shanghai. Smart #3 is the second child of the company born in 2020 from the partnership Mercedes and the Group Geely. Thanks to the Sport utility formula, his look is more gritty than ever.

The dimensions of the Smart #3 have increased and it aims to capture a dynamic clientele, who want a snappy and glam car.

Smart #3, the sizes that enter the premium B segment

From the first information we know that the Smart #3 it is 440 cm long. The Smart #1 has 427 cm. While it boasts 184 cm in width and 155 in height. The distance between the front and rear wheels is 278 cm.

Smart #3, the electric coupé SUV starts from ShanghaiSmart #3, the electric coupé SUV starts from Shanghai

The Smart #3 is a style exercise for the segmento B premium. With soft lines that connect well. The new Led CyberSparks headlights are combined with the shark nose and the ‘A’ shaped grille.

Note the sides, the two-tone roof that joins the front and rear pillars. Finally, the tail illustrates a good exercise in style in the combination of spoiler, light clusters and sloping roof.

Smart #3, increasingly connected interiors

It’s sporty inside and out the new one Smart #3. The passenger compartment of the exterior with circular lines recall the air intakes of the turbines. While, the bridge is well sculpted and houses the central cockpit. The central screen is 12.8 inches. This is joined by an additional 9.2-inch display nestled behind the steering wheel.

Smart #3, the electric coupé SUV starts from ShanghaiSmart #3, the electric coupé SUV starts from Shanghai

The tunnel is of important dimensions. The doors, even more so than on the #1, are paneled with exposed metal, but the increase in interior dimensions promises an even roomier cabin than on the #1.

Smart #3, the engines

Smart #3, the electric coupe suv starts from shanghai. To the European public, it will be presented Iaa the next month of September and launched in the respective European markets at the beginning of 2024. The engines already seen on the #1 are reproposed. So a single engine and rear wheel drive from 272 Cv flanked by the Brabus edition with four-wheel drive and double engine for 428 HP of power.

Smart #3, the words of Dirk Adelmann, CEO of Smart Europe

Dirk Adelmann, CEO of Smart Europe, underlines: “We are proud to finally present to the world our first sport utility coupé, the all-new Smart #3. Always a pioneer of electrification, Smart aims for an uncompromising quality standard in the field of experience and interactions. Our goal has always been to respond to the many and changing mobility needs. Therefore, Smart will continue to expand its product family to offer a variety of cars that are optimally suited to different customer groups and lifestyles.”

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