Avvocato fallimentare: cosa fa e come trovarlo

All we have left is the crime: the TV series arrives

It’s called We just have crime – 1970 the TV series that will be the sequel to the successful film trilogy

The universe of All We Have to Do is still expanding. After the film sequels Back to Crime and Once Upon a Crime is on the way, with the production of SkyWe just have crime – 1970, TV series in six episodes which is the sequel to the last film of the trilogy. Filming on the series is currently underway in Rome and will likely wrap towards the end of the year, with the installments then set to be released in the early months of 2023 on Sky and NOW. Expectations to the stars, therefore, for the return of one of the most popular Italian comic sagas of recent years.

All we have left is crime – 1970: plot and cast

The series, as mentioned, will be a sequel to the last film and will start from there. In Once upon a time there was crime we saw the protagonists go back to the years of the Second World War, this time instead they will dive into the tumultuous 70’s, in a very turbulent period in Italian history, marked by political terrorism. Pushing them to these intense and delicate years is the will to Giuseppe (Gian Marco Tognazzi) to know her real mother after discovering she was adopted. However, predictably, the protagonists will trigger a whole series of complications that will put their future and that of the whole world at risk.

In the cast in the series we find some well-known faces from the film trilogy, from the aforementioned Gian Marco Tognazzi to his fellow adventurers Giampaolo Morelli (Claudio) and Marco Giallini (Moreno), up to Massimiliano Bruno, who plays the role of scientist Gianfranco. In addition to them, there are also new faces in the cast, such as Maurizio Lastrico, who will lend his face to the rich bourgeois Duccio Casati.

The previous films

While awaiting the arrival of We just have crime – 1970, let’s briefly review what happened in the three films of the saga. The first chapter was released in 2019 and saw Moreno and Giuseppe, then accompanied by Sebastiano (Alessandro Gassman) being catapulted into 1982, where they decide to use their football knowledge to win with bets, obviously knowing the results of the matches in advance. The three, however, will attract too much attention, especially from the very dangerous Banda del Magliana and will find themselves experiencing a series of misadventures from which they will be able to miraculously emerge unscathed.

Then comes 2021, Back to crime, sequel in which we find the protagonists of the first film still struggling with the troubles of the first film. Renatino and the rest of the gang somehow manage to get to the present, passing through the time rift used by the protagonists to go back. Building an unlikely alliance, they will clash with other criminals in search of a precious treasure.

Finally, this year he made his debut Once upon a time there was crime, third chapter which sees the alternation between Alessandro Gassman and Giampaolo Morelli. As mentioned, here we see the protagonists catapulted into Italy at war and once again with various vicissitudes they manage to save their skin, waiting for the next journey through time and crime.

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