AllPowers R2500: portable power station with photovoltaic panels

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We tell you about the new AllPowers R2500, a portable power station intended for home use, perfect for emergencies or outdoor trips thanks to the possibility of recharging it with solar panels

AllPowers R2500 is a portable power station suitable for home use that offers a nominal power of 2500 W and a capacity of 2016 Wh. It’s a solution ideal for emergenciessuch as blackouts or power outages in the home, and can also be used to power small appliances at home or camping. Let’s see in more detail what it is about!

AllPowers R2500: portable power station with photovoltaic panels

AllPowers R2500: la power station portatile e green

AllPowers R2500 is equipped with a number of features that make it a versatile and reliable power station. We have a nominal power of 2500W and a capacity of 2016Wh which together allow you to power various types of electronic devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones but also some household appliances. For example, we can power a 50W light bulb for over a day, we can power an electric oven for about an hour or a small refrigerator for 6-7 hours. Furthermore, you can always combine this power station with the AllPowers B3000 battery pack for increase capacity up to 20kW. Thanks to the switching speed of just 15 ms, it can also work as a UPS. The AllPowers R2500 power station is equipped with numerous entrances and exits for connecting a variety of electrical devices, including: 2x 230V AC sockets, 3x USB-A ports, 1x USB-C port, 1x DC 12V output, 1x DC 24V output.

We also find an LCD display that allows us to monitor the situation by providing information on the power supplied, battery status, remaining autonomy, etc. Interesting too the opportunity to connect a smartphone with the appropriate app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to be able to monitor usage and control the devices in a simpler and more direct way. Thanks to the input power of 1500W it can be recharged in just over an hour. But we can also connect this power station up to 1000W of photovoltaic panels to be able to recharge it in a totally green way in about 2 hours. The two modes (AC + photovoltaic) can be combined to reach up to 2500W of input power and therefore very fast charging in less than 1 hour.

AllPowers R2500: portable power station with photovoltaic panels

Price and promotion

The official price of this power station is 1999 euros, but currently you can take it home at launch price of 1199 euros on the official website. If that wasn’t enough, thanks to our special discount code “tuttotek”, you will be able to access an additional 10% discount on the purchase of AllPowers R2500!

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