La recensione della scopa elettrica di SharkNinja: un incredibile mix di design, potenza e tecnologia thumbnail

SharkNinja’s electric broom review: an incredible mix of design, power and technology

Dirt and dust, tremble, because in the fight against dirt in the house and there is no new actor. L’American company SharkNinja arrived in Italy a few months ago with a vast collection of small appliances including a wide variety of robot vacuum cleaners and stick brooms. Among these, the new one caught our attention SharkNinja cordless stick broom with Anti Hair Wrap and we could not avoid one review.

Thanks to SharkNinja we were able to test the electric broom and we can tell you about the wonders we have witnessed.

The SharkNinja cordless vacuum cleaner review (IZ320EU)

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The electric broom (IZ320EU) with Anti Hair Wrap by SharkNinja aims to bring solutions where the advanced world of electric brooms has failed to find any, before now. As per its name, SharkNinja’s broom boasts technology capable of automatically eliminate annoying tangles caused by hair and hair trapped in the brush. And not only. We also find the tecnologia DuoClean + PowerFins for better suction and effectiveness e a double battery for extra autonomy. But let’s start in order

Data sheet

  • Dimensions: 26 x 24,5 x 118 cm
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Nominal power: 2350 mAh 59.22 Wh
  • Filter: Washable filter
  • Autonomy: Up to 120 minutes (2 batteries)
  • Charging time: 4 ore
  • Capacity: 0,7 L


SharkNinja electric broom review

Let’s start immediately by saying that, in terms of design, there is no other electric broom like the one offered by SharkNinja. In fact, this model boasts a blue-silver color which features the main brush and the motor. These two parts are connected by the central tube which can fold on itself due to the design Flexology to store the appliance in a small space without having to make holes in the wall or similar.

The building materials are really good, from the plastic of the main body, to the metal elements up to the double brushes and accessories. All for standard dimensions and weight in the world of electric brooms (26 x 24.5 x 118 cm for 4KG of weight).

Inside the package we findin addition to the electric broom:

  • 1 x 30cm lance accessory
  • 1 multi-surface tool
  • 1 anti-allergen brush
  • 1 accessorio Pet con PowerFins
  • 1 accessory bag
  • 2 Li-ion batteries
  • 1 double charging base


The technology of this SharkNinja is what really amazes. We have a remarkable suction power available (Eco, Standard and Boost), selectable through the Smart LED display on the handle to easily switch between 3 power settings, vary between 2 floor types and keep an eye on battery power.

The two motorized brush rolls work together in an exclusive way Shark DuoClean brush head, now enhanced with PowerFins able to penetrate carpets by loosening dirt and acting directly on hard floors for deep cleaning. The soft front brush sucks up debris and loosens caked-on dust from hard floors. As anticipated, the Anti Hair Wrap technology removes hair and hair automatically thanks to a special bristle guard with comb able to actively remove hair and hair from the roller during cleaning, avoiding the formation of tangles.

The dirt sucked up will be collected in the 0.7 liter containment compartment equipped with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology, which offers greater peace of mind in homes with allergy sufferers. This system in fact, it allows the capture of 99.9% of dust and allergens by trapping them in the vacuum cleanerwithout releasing them into the air.

To support this technology we have two rechargeable and removable batteries able to offer an autonomy of 120 minutes (may vary according to use) and without the need to stop to recharge it.

Our test of the SharkNinja stick broom

shark ninja review

We had the new SharkNinja electric broom on trial for about two months during which we used it daily to clean our personal apartment. What immediately catches the eye of this product is the attractive design and nothing short of unique which differentiates it, already aesthetically, from the other products on the market. The product is presented in an excellent way with high quality materials and great maneuverability.

The electric broom does its job very well thanks to a series of rotating brushes with a great innovative design which, as anticipated, do not leave hair and hair trapped. No more knives and tools that risk damaging the brush, SharkNinja has the solution and it’s a “simple” row of metal bristles that autonomously untangle and cut hair of any kind, ideal for those who have pets at home. The rest of the accessories are of no lesser quality and the great maneuverability of the electric broom makes it a perfect hand vacuum cleaner in just a few clicks.

Simple and ingenious

Il design Flexology really impressed us with its sheer brilliance. With the push of a button, the vacuum cleaner folds back on itself while standing without the need for a wall mount, wall mount or anything else. In this regard, we cannot fail to mention the great novelty of the double removable and rechargeable battery. In the package is in fact available a double charger which can be placed anywhere in the house, not necessarily near the broom so as to keep the batteries charged and use them when necessary.

Their efficiency is in line with market standards but is improved by the double battery which allows you to continue cleaning much longer without stopping. In any case, in our approximately 80m2 apartment, we never needed two complete batteries.

The SharkNinja stick broom review in a nutshell

It seems strange to get excited about an electric broom, but the truth is that SharkNinja’s ideas behind this product are really designed to solve problems. Defects so seemingly trivial that we asked ourselves several times why, after years of tech developments, no one had thought of them yet. We are not dealing with yet another slightly more powerful model than a few years ago, but with a real innovation.

The SharkNinja IZ320EU electric broom with Anti Hair Wrap is available for around €599.99.

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