DSC R3: la sostituto gods EOS-1D 10?

Some details have been officially disclosed on the new Canon EOS R3, a high-end mirrorless that will be purely dedicated to professional sports photography thanks to its speed

After the announcement in April of the development of the new Canon EOS R3 professional mirrorless camera with high performance for high speed, more details were revealed today that confirm how this model promises. revolutionary for photojournalists, sports photographers and naturaliststhe. A camera that confirms Canon’s goals to always reach new levels of performance. The new specifications demonstrate how the EOS R3 offers a new concept of object focusing, adding a new AF tracking mode designed for the world of racing cars and motorcycles. But that’s not all, the first video features are also announced today: the camera is indeed capable of record 4K video with oversampling, an ideal feature for filmmakers.

DSC R3: la sostituto gods EOS-1D 10?

Canon EOS R3 combines exceptional performance with high image quality, a distinctive combination of the Canon EOS R System.‘RF graft with Canon lenses, the EOS R3 offers opportunities never seen in any other camera / lens combination and paves the way for previously unattainable new features. As a result, photojournalists, sports photographers and wildlife photographers can capture every moment of the action they find themselves shooting, with a unique level of quality. Let’s see some specifications of Canon EOS R3 just unveiled:

  • New sBack-illuminated CMOS stacked ensor developed by Canon
  • 30 fps con tracking AF/AE
  • AF tracking of people, animals (including birds) and motorsports (racing cars and motorcycles)
  • 4K recording with oversampling, internal RAW and Canon Log 3
  • AF point selection with Eye AF control technology
  • Focus up to -7EV or lower
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Same resistance to water and dust of the EOS-1D series

Canon ESO R3: Easy shooting of fast-moving subjects thanks to incredibly precise focusing

Professionals will appreciate the Canon EOS R3’s ability to keep subjects moving within the frame perfectly in focus, even during shooting. scatti RAW a 30 fps, thanks to Canon Dual Pixel CMOS AF II technology. The EOS R3 integrates the AF tracking functions for people and animals (including birds), already present in the EOS R5 and EOS R6 models, with the new car and motorbike tracking functionality, perfect for motorsport photographers. And when lighting conditions become difficult, the camera can focus in maximum darkness down to -7EV or lower.

Thanks to the special Eye AF control technology, which allows you to select the AF point simply by moving your eyes, Canon EOS R3 pampers photographers’ creativity by reacting quickly to deliver the perfect shot. In low light conditions, the EOS R3 offers up to 8 stops of stabilization against camera shake thanks to the revolutionary image stabilization technology (IS) combined. Five-axis stabilization on the sensor works in synergy with the optical IS built into many RF lenses to allow photographers to shoot handheld in unfavorable lighting conditions or when using long exposure times to intentionally blur motion.

DSC R3: la sostituto gods EOS-1D 10?

Canon ESO R3: High quality RAW images at 30 fps

The brand new back-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor works in conjunction with the high performance DIGIC X processor. Today, Canon can confirm that this camera will capture high quality RAW files at an astonishing 30fps speed with full AF / AE tracking. There jaw-dropping speed of the new camera sensor redefines the possible functionalities of the electronic shutter. Now you can apply flash sync when using the electronic shutter in conjunction with external Speedlites and minimize image distortion when shooting fast-moving subjects.

RAW and 4K recording capabilities with oversampling

In addition to the superior features designed for photo shooting, the Canon EOS R3 is also ideal for anyone who wants to capture high quality video. The camera is capable of recording videos in 4K con oversampling and allows users to record internally in RAW format. Furthermore, the logarithmic curve Canon Log 3 offers a wider dynamic range and color gradations. Essentially, videographers have the same object recognition functions at their disposal as in photo mode, so they can follow fast-moving subjects, keeping them perfectly in focus.

DSC R3: la sostituto gods EOS-1D 10?

Designed for professionals

Ideal for professional use, the EOS R3 is equipped with a sturdy magnesium alloy body whose level of water and dust resistance it is comparable to that of the legendary EOS-1D X series, thus managing to face even the most extreme climatic conditions. The double slot allows you to store files on SD and CFexpress cards. The camera is powered by a long-life LP-E19 battery, the same used in the EOS-1D X Mark III model; this allows professionals to share batteries among all the cameras that make up their kit. The camera integrates both a multi-controller and a smart controller, to ensure maximum operational intuitiveness. Thanks to three customizable dials on the camera body, plus a control dial on each RF lens, the professional can easily change parameters such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO and exposure compensation without taking their eye off the viewfinder. The Canon EOS R3 is also equipped with a swiveling screen that allows you to easily compose your shot from creative perspectives.

DSC R3: la sostituto gods EOS-1D 10?

Canon EOS R3: advanced connectivity

Connectivity is essential for a camera designed for photojournalists and sports photographers. Thanks to Wired LAN socket and 5GHz Wi-Fi that allow you to communicate with computers, laptops and mobile devices, you can share images quickly and easily. As previously announced, the EOS R3 is also compatible with the app Canon Mobile File Transfer. Finally, it is equipped with a new smart shoe that provides data and power to the new accessories that are connected to the camera. However, all the details are available on the official website.

Obviously in the coming weeks we will know more, so keep following us!