BMW IX Flow, la macchina che cambia colore ora può scegliere tra 32 colorazioni diverse thumbnail

BMW ces 2023: BMW IX Flow is back with lots of colors

BMW IX Flow, the color changing machine can now choose from 32 different colors thumbnail

Las Vegas – On the occasion of CES 2023, BMW she’s back on the road with hers BMW IX Flow but this time with a big news. Last year the IX Flow had us bewitched with its ability to change color between black and white but this year, the magic evolves. Thanks to the E Ink panels with which the car is covered, BMW has found the world of making the body color change not only between black and white but between as many as 32 colors.

BMW’s color changing car goes one step further

One year after the announcement of the IX FLOW, BMW insieme a E Inkthe company behind the technology of the E-ink panels that cover the car (there are 240 segments), have succeeded in the feat of allowing the car to change body color with a click. The new version of E Ink technology, in fact, has been updated and applied not on a “normal” BMW but on the Dee concept car, shown to the public yesterday.

With the project i vision Dee e E Ink, BMW wants to combine physical and digital innovation with an explosion of colors. 32 to be exact, gaudy, soft, pastel or fluorescent. According to BMW, the car will be able to communicate with passengers using both the customized coloring and the “expressions” of the Dee project which will be able to communicate with digital eyes placed on the front light clusters as well as give vocal welcome messages.

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